5 Vegan Indian Recipes For Your Enjoyment!

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Vegan Indian Recipes Collage

You’ve been asking… so here they are!  Vegan Indian recipes!  Curry and rice, cardamon, turmeric and cinnamon!  Sign me up!  Wrap all this up with watermelon dosa?  Yes please.  Scroll on down to see what we have in the works here!

Dabbakaya Pulihora Recipe, Andhra Rice Dish


To start us off we have this really yummy indian rice recipe!  It revolves around using a “rough lemon” for the rice flavor.  Sail Us Food has come through with this, though I will admit I (being a bit of an indian food newb) definitely ended up googling quite a few of the ingredients in this.

Dhal with Caraway Aubergine

Is it just me or does this look delicious?  Between the spices (like cinnamon, turmeric and cumin) and aubergine this just screams yum!  Veganuary is a great recipe resource for vegans and this recipe really is no exception.

Slow Cooker Carrot Cardamom Oatmeal


This particular oatmeal recipe was inspired by Carrot Halwa and honestly sounds and looks like a little bowl of heaven.  It’s quite simple too, most people are going to have the ingredients for this on hand which makes this a nice go to for when you’re in the mood for an indian inspired yum yum!  Keep on bein’ awesome, Healthy Slow Cooking!

 Fat Free Vegan Eggplant Chickpea Indian Curry With Fire Roasted Tomatoes

What list of vegan indian recipes would be complete without curry?  I mean, really!  So, here we have it!  Straight from the Low Fat Vegan Chef is an eggplant and chickpea curry that’ll set your taste buds alight with delight!

Watermelon Rind Dosa

What summer would be complete without watermelon?  So, here you have it from Holy Cow Vegan…  Watermelon Dosa.  This recipe is particularly great because it uses a part of the melon that usually goes to waste.  The white rind!  So, for all of you out there who hate putting all that into the trash.  This is for you.

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