Great Vegan Men’s Running Shoes For 2017

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High Quality Vegan Men's Running Shoes To Help You Up Your Game

Alrighty, guys. We've had a lot of requests for vegan men's running shoes lately.  So we dove in and found some that we (along with a lot of real runners, more on that in a moment) think are pretty cool.  And along the way we found a new company that makes finding vegan sports shoes easy. BONUS!

Now, I'm going to be honest right up front and say that we here at the Vegan Banana are not runners. In fact, according to my partner (and mother) we are "moseyiers" so my knowledge going into this was a little limited and still is.  That being said I did my best to find vegan running shoes that were high quality and had really good reviews from people who are runners.​

After much ado, here we are!  From jogging to ultra marathons, we found something that should fit the bill.  Go on and have a look, and we sure hope you find this helpful!​

Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2 Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2 Shoe

These are good vegan shoes for people who like "barefoot" running.  We also hear they are excellent gym shoes for walking, traveling, driving and just wearing around all day.

Now the manufacturer says the integrated foot bed has been made with something to help prevent foot odor.  What actual owners say is that if worn with socks they don't stink, if worn without socks they can stink (big shock).  Luckily they are easily machine washable.  BONUS: They have a wide toebox, so your toes aren't going to be rubbing the edges.

Merrell Men's All Out Peak Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Merrell Men's All Out Peak Shoe

If you're looking for a vegan running shoe  that has a lot of really solid grip, these are the shoes for you.  Actual "Bad Ass Mo Fo Adventurers" say they have a really good grip across all terrain, so you aren't going to go stumbling because of some wet leaves or ice.  They also seem to have a little bit of added arch support for those who want it.

Olukai Men's 'Eleu Trainer Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Olukai Men's 'Eleu Trainer Shoe

Ok, first off, LOVE the color & style of these sneakers.  Reports are that they tend to run small, so if you order them you'll want to get a half a size or so bigger. These vegan men's running shoes are lightweight and great for wearing around water or other "with no socks" activities.

Some people were reporting blisters being a problem, while others were saying they hiked 25 miles in them after just purchasing these shoes and had no trouble whatsoever. Honestly, we find this to be true of just about any shoe, but thought you should know what we are hearing.

Merrell Men's Grassbow Air Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Merrell Men's Grassbow Air Shoe

These vegan shoes are great for long distance hiking through rough terrain.  We had folks tell us to "forget boots, hike in these" and that "crossing rivers is no problem, you'll be try in half an hour".  After some sleuthing, we found out that last statement is true because they are made of a highly breathable mesh.  

These vegan running shoes have an air cushion in the heal to absorb shock and add stability.   They also have a "bellows tongue" to keep debris out.  On top of all that,  the whole shoe is infused with an anti-odor agent to help keep you "Unstinky".

Hoka One One Men's Rocket Trainer Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Hoka One One Men's Rocket Trainer Shoe

"Super light. Super comfortable. Super fast." is what we are hearing about these Hoka One One vegan men's running shoes.  We've been told they have the perfect amount of cushioning for speed work or long distance running.  Is it wrong that we just really like how these look?  I mean, check out that bold style?

Hoka One One Men's Clifton 3 Shoe

Vegan Men's Running Shoes - Hoka One One Men's Clifton 3 Shoe

We are going to let the words of one happy owner of this vegan running shoe speak for us "The Clifton might well be the Holy Grail of road shoes: cushioned but not mushy, supportive but not heavy, fast enough for speed work, forgiving enough for long-distance slogging.  So far I've put about 100km into the Cliftons, including some light trails. Delighted with them."

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High Quality Vegan Men's Running Shoes To Help You Up Your Game

Ok, so bearing in mind we are a pair of self-confessed "moseyiers, how well did we do?  Are these some cool vegan men's running shoes or what?  As always be sure to tell us if you love it (psst... especially if you LOVE IT), hate it or are looking for something else in the comments down yonder (or on social @TheVeganBanana or Facebook/VeganBanana

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