Vegan activism takes many forms.  When you start, support or visit an animal sanctuary.  When you tell your friends about veganism.  When you share a vegan meme on Facebook or Twitter.  they are all forms of vegan activism.  And yes, when you quietly live your life in accordance with your cruelty free vegan values it IS vegan activism.  The following are the vegan stories, vegan news, ideas, humor, tips and vegan memes of folks who inspire us (with a few ideas of our own thrown in for good measure).  Please pay it forward by sharing what inspires you.  And always remember… Your Passion Saves Lives 🙂

Why Vegan Leather? A Discussion You Won’t Want To Miss…

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Have you ever wondered why vegan leather is even a thing?  Honestly, we’d never even given it a second thought.  I mean, faux leather jackets are hot, right? That is we didn’t until a friend of ours over on Google+ … Read More

Vegan Butcher Just Plain Wrong, The Unnatural Vegans Gloriously Beautiful Response

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Is the idea of a “vegan butcher shop” confusing to you?  Do you think it’s false advertising because someone might walk in and and be surprised not to find chopped up dead animals?   In a society that seems to … Read More

Was Your Coconut Oil Harvested By Monkey’s?

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Photos Courtesy of jinterwas on Flickr, and the Dailymail.Did you guys know that your coconut oil and products containing it could easily have been harvested by monkeys?Yeah, I was shocked to hear this too.  Honestly, it sounds like some kind … Read More

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