Vegan News: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found On Pig Farm!

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Here’s a bit of terrifying vegan news for you  today.  Yes, antibiotic resistant bacteria or “superbug genes” have been found by researchers from the Ohio State University’s veterinary medicine team on a pig farm.  Here’s what NBC News is reporting… … Read More

Mino Valley Sanctuary Is Doing A Vlog A Day!

I’d never encountered these guys before, but Mino Valley Sanctuary is truly amazing!  They are out in Spain, so for all of you guys in Europe here’s someplace to consider visiting or at least supporting.  Mino Valley Sanctuary has officially … Read More

Did You Know PRINCE Was Vegan?

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Prince was many things… singer, song writer, philanthropist and yes, Prince was vegan too!  Sadly we did not know this until today.  He didn’t shout to the rooftops about it but then being a Jehovah’s Witness he never touted any … Read More

Vegan Preschool… Planting The Seeds Of Compassion!

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Vegan Preschool.  I cannot tell you how hopeful those two words make me.  The thought of a school like the Scandinavian School of Jersey City would have been a pipe dream a decade or two ago.  If you were lucky enough … Read More

The First Vegan Certified Farm Is In Downtown Philadelphia?

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Meet Metropolis Farms, the first vegan certified farm in the United States! And it’s located right in the heart of Philidelphia on the second floor of a commercial building. They did this to prove to potential investors or would be … Read More

Wendy’s Black Bean Burger Is A Hit!

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There’s a new vegan fast food option on the way… the Wendy’s black bean burger!  Critics and customers alike are saying it’s pretty darn good, too.  Now before you get too excited they are still in the early stages of … Read More

You Will NOT Believe What This Vegan Gelato Is Made Of!

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Fermented Beans!  That is what the new vegan gelato, called BiotaGelata, is made of.  Don’t turn your nose up at it just yet.  This tasty treat is full of protein and nutrients, lower in calories than standard gelato and sourced from … Read More

Tesla Charging Stations NYC Are About To Outnumber Gas Stations!

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Very soon there are going to be 105 Tesla Charging Stations in NYC.  105!  Yup, the most vegan vehicle in the world just got a LOT easier to operate. At least in New York city. This just makes us SQUEEE!Let … Read More

Ravi DeRossi Restaurant Empire Goes Vegan!

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Fusion announced that the Ravi DeRossi Restaurant empire went vegan on January 1, 2016!  Yes you heard right!  Every single one of his 15 of his New York City restaurant’s is now vegan!  That’s some of the finest wine’n dine spots in New … Read More