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40 Year Old Vegan

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Who says white boys can't rap?  The "40 Year Old Vegan" proves otherwise.  Or maybe it's the mammoth carrot microphone or the goats that make it great?  In any case, today we thought you might like to take a break from the normal "Ho Hum" and have a bit of fun with us.

Ok, the real reason you're getting to enjoy this masterpiece of vegan rap is I didn't get the post I was supposed to publish today finished on time.  Why you ask?  Isn't it self-evident? I was having too much fun surfing all the cool vegan stuff on Youtube!

On the upside, I found this excellent vegan music video for you to enjoy!  So all that surfing counts as work, right? And now you too can have "They Call It Rabbit Food.  Just Because I Don't Call The Rabbit Food" stuck in YOUR head right along with me!  Aren't you pleased?

"They Call It Rabbit Food. Just Because I Don't Call The Rabbit Food"​

For those of you with inquiring minds the cast of critters are the happy residents at Wishing Well Sanctuary up in the "Great White North" of Ontario.  We encourage you to visit their site to get to know more about them, their mission and all the lucky animals that get to call the sanctuary home.

We have it on good authority that Wishing Well Sanctuary does all kinds of cool educational stuff like Summer Camps, Educational workshops and the like.  They also have both indoor and outdoor rental facilities on site that are perfect for parties, classes and lectures.

Hey! I've got a great idea.  Getting back to the "Too Cool For School" video... let's make up new verses and see if Chokeules will make us a sequel!  Submit yours in the comments down below and we'll be sure he gets them.

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