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5 Frugal Vegan Shopping Tips That’ll Save You BIG At The Grocery Store!

"Being vegan is expensive." HA! Not with these frugal vegan shopping tips it isn't! Seriously, eating a vegan diet isn't any more expensive than eating the omni way. And if you eat a HEALTHY vegan diet (that is to say one where most all your food comes from the produce department) it can be quite a bit cheaper. But that is a discussion for another day. For now, on with our list...

  • Make A Plan & Shopping List... The best way to waste a lot of money is to head to the store without knowing what you want to cook for the week. When you do this you invariably forget half of the stuff you need and buy lots of stuff you have no use for.

    So YES take the time to at least sketch out a meal plan. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. I just jot on a scrap of paper (often the back of an envelope) something like Spaghetti, Tacos, etc. Then under each item list the things you don't already have in the kitchen to make the dish. Below that jot down anything else you notice you are out of and Poof! You're done.
  • Shop Midweek... studies have shown that grocery stores usually mark down products that are about to expire on Wednesdays. ALWAYS buy the stuff you need when it's marked down. Even stuff in the coolers and freezers. The "expiration date" is just the last day they can sell it to you. Most vegan products are still good for at least a week often way longer after the "sell by" date has come and gone.

    This is a double tip because Wednesdays are also the day most stores start their weekly sales.  If you are a careful shopper you can really clean up on weekly sales. Remember: Stick To Your List!  Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you NEED to buy it!
  • Timing Matters... don't follow the crowd when grocery shopping. Plan your trip in the evening just after the bakery or deli closes. You'll get the best choice on the baked goods that just "Have To Go". Granted, a lot of this stuff won't be vegan but you'll want to get first choice of what is.
  • Buy In Bulk... when buying pantry staples like beans, lentils, nuts and rice, typically the more you buy the cheaper it is per pound. One thing to remember when saving money this way is to only buy things you KNOW you will actually eat. That means that just because you get those split peas at a GREAT PRICE, buying 25 pounds of them won't do you any good if you later discover that you can't stand split pea soup!
  • Shop For Groceries Online... This seemed so odd to me when I first found out that Amazon was carrying grocery items. But now I put all the stuff I can on Amazon's Subscribe And Save program.  This makes for a triple wammy of savings!

    1. You get to buy in bulk for cheaper prices.
    2. You get a discount by "subscribing"
    3. You save time (and money on gas) by having it brought RIGHT TO YOUR FREAKING DOOR!!!
    (ok, yes I need to get out more but I REALLY love shopping online)

Is that 5 tips already?  My, how time flies.  Just remember that these won't help you if you don't use them so, next time you are out shopping we hope you'll put these 5 frugal vegan shopping tips to use. When you do, be sure to come back here and crow about it in the comments. Yep, brag to the world about all the money you saved by eating vegan!

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