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5 Men’s Vegan Hiking Boots

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Turns out, finding men's vegan hiking boots can be a real pain. Being more inclined to strolling ourselves, we really didn't understand what a challenge it could be for vegan hikers to find appropriate footwear. That is until it was brought to our attention by our friends on Twitter responded with such enthusiasm to our post on "Vegan Women's Hiking Boots" and started asking us to help them find some for men.

With synthetic shoes being so easy to find these days we didn't think it would be such a challenge to gather a good selection of men's vegan hiking boots but boy were we wrong. For some ridiculous reason the folks who make this kind of outdoor gear feel the NEED to hide leather of some sort in an otherwise perfectly acceptable shoe of man made materials.

But we know ya'll are counting on us so we stuck with it and finally hit pay dirt. In addition to being vegan the following hiking boots are sturdily constructed, readily available and won't require a mortgage on your home to afford. If we missed your favorite brand we hope you'll tell us about them in the comments so we can add them to this list

Our first offering is made by the Merrell company. A very well respected maker of outdoor gear for both men and women. This hiking boot features a breathable mesh upper with a Gore-Tex lining to keep you comfy and dry. We really like the look of the tread and have heard that the way this heal is constructed gives excellent support. And drawing on our own "strolling" experience here, we think the tall puffy "bellows" tongue is a huge plus. It'll keep stuff from finding its way down into your shoe.

Not every hike requires a heavy "boot" so we thought we'd offer up this lighter weight hiking shoe for you to consider. It has wide tread designed not to collect mud, has actual laces so you don't have issues with stuff getting stuck all over a velcro like strap. Don't you hate it when leaf litter or burs get stuck in velcro shoe bindings? Oh, and it also features a removable foam insert.

These men's vegan hiking boots are designed to keep your feet warm and not to lose their traction in the snow and on ice. We are told they provide good all around traction too, but really shine in cold weather hiking environments. They also have excellent arch support for those who need it. And did we mention they won the 2011 Backpacker magazine Editors' Choice Award? So you don't have to take our word for it that these are some AWESOME boots for strolling 🙂

And we're back to a boot made by the Merrell company again. We thank them for putting out more than one quality vegan hiking boot! Choice is good, right? Anyway, this boot also features a "bellows" type tongue to keep debris out of your shoe but it is more easily tucked in and tied in place than the last one. So depending on how you like your boots laced on you ankle this shoe gives you an alternative to our first Merrell shoe. These feature a "Vibram" sole which actually has an interesting history which you can read about here.

Last but certainly not least we have a vegan hiking boot from Adidas. We have been told by folks who know WAY more about hiking than we do that these boots are "Wicked Light" and that if you tape the tops of your waterproof pants to the ankles of these boots your feet won't get wet even if you go splashing in puddles! Sounds like something we'll need to test out for ourselves 🙂 Also, we like the bungee cord laces.

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