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5 Vegan Blush Brushes From Furless

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Vegan Blush Brush

Need some more cruelty free and vegan makeup equipment in your life?  Well, here are some blush brushes for you to have a look at!  I poked around and came across these Furless brushes and thought that perhaps you guys would want to check them out!  They come very highly recommended by both our customers AND vegan fashionistas who are way more into makeup than we are.  Here goes nothing!  

Must Have Pro Pointed Contour Brush

Vegan Blush Brush From Furless

Whether contouring or just adding some blush, the Pro Pointed Contour brush from Furless has you covered.  This brush is professional quality and vegan.  It will create seamless looks and perfect blush blends, gliding and conforming effortlessly to the contours of your face.

For a better look at this vegan blush brush, go here! 

Black Beauty Powder Brush

A Furless Makeup Brush

If you are like most people who've bought this brush... You'll be reaching for it constantly!  It's seriously a "jack-of-all-trades" kind of deal.  Blush?  Of COURSE it can apply blush, but it can also contour, powder, highlight.  It's well worth a look or three.  

You can get a better look at this "Black Beauty" brush right over here!​

Must Have Pro Stippling Brush

Stippling Brush!

Notice the flat head on this brush?  Yup, it's a stippling brush.  You can easily apply blush with this kind of brush by moving it in a nice, soft circular motion!  Its perfect for blending out creams and/or powders for that dreamy and clear complexion.  Another amazing must have cruelty free and vegan blush brush! 

Check this Pro Stippling Brush out and learn more about what it can do here!​

Purple Angled Blush Brush

It's Purple.

Makeup made simple with this great cruelty free vegan blush brush from Furless.  It's angled for easy application and versatile use.  Add some contouring or tone up your décolletage to add that extra voluptuous feel.  Define your cheeks with blush and contouring to help achieve a beautiful chiseled look.  

To learn more about this Purple Angled Blush Brush, go here!​

Perfectly Pink Angled Brush

And This Is Pink.  A Pink Vegan Blush Brush.

A truly divine vegan blush brush, transform your face in no time with this expertly handmade brush.  Cruelty free and meant to apply blush with expert precision.  It's a must for any makeup artist, hobbyist, or just someone who enjoys applying their makeup with quality tools.  This surely is a guilt-free way to go about it!

To learn more about this Perfectly Pink Angled Brush you can look here!

​There are a lot of vegan blush brush options out there!  You just have to know where to look.  I've only just scratched the surface!  I'll be sure to dig up some more but until then, why not look at these and go poke around some?

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