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5 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes To Make Your Day!

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It might not be summer anymore, but that's okay.  There's always time for vegan ice cream, don't you think?  I'm always on the lookout for new ice cream recipes and brands to try.  So, I decided to share the recipes I've been looking at lately!  They look so yummy and creamy.  These really caught my eye and I bet they'll have you running for your scoop too!

Vegan Chai Chocolate Ice Cream!

Chai ice cream with chocolate chips mixed in!  I'm a HUGE chai tea fan, so this just sounds like heaven in a bowl to me. I have to say I'm pretty excited to try this vegan ice cream recipe out. It uses raw cashew butter in the recipe, and notes that you really don't want to use roasted because of the slightly different taste it gives.  

All of the comments were stressing how true it was!  So, keep that in mind!  And if you can't find the raw cashew butter in your local store, you can buy some from amazon right here​. Or you can just make some of your own with some raw cashews!

This recipe is from Veganbaking.net, click here to go see the recipe!

Voluminous Vanilla Ice Cream!

This is a low calorie yummy vanilla ice cream!  It's perfect for chocolate sauce, crumbled graham crackers, banana slices.  It's makes quite a bit for a "single serving", which is why this is called the "voluminous vanilla ice cream"!

This is from over at chocolatecoveredkatie.com, here's the recipe!​

Vegan Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream!

Want to talk unbelievably vegan?  This chocolate ice cream (with a "healthy" dose of brownie thrown in) is just what the doctor ordered!  I found this and started to just DROOL.  The Minimalist Baker has done it again and made another fantastically simple and delicious recipe.

This one is from the minimalistbaker.com, you can find the recipe here!​

Roasted Banana Ice Cream

This just sounded awesome to me.  I have to admit, it I'm a sucker for bananas.  If you couldn't tell by my sites name. Either way, this is a pretty yummy looking recipe that caught my eye.  I definitely intend to try this in the future!  Some people were also talking about substituting roasted peaches for the banana's but hadn't replied that they'd tried it.  

So if you do, leave a comment and let everyone know what you think of THAT variation!​
This is from cooking.nytimes.com, and here is the recipe!

Vegan Ice Cream Base!

This is basically a super awesome ice cream base.  And it looks heavenly on it's own, but you can add all kinds of things to it!  Now, this here DOES taste like coconut.  Not surprising since it's one of the big main ingredients, but it's still something to be aware of if you don't like the flavor.  

This is from thekitchn.com, and here is the recipe!​

And thus concludes this little exploration into the world of vegan ice cream, one of many to come I'm sure!  I definitely plan on trying each of these as soon as possible.  And I'll see if I can't get my grandmother to take a bite too.

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