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6 Cool Vegan Dinner Recipes To Tempt The Pickiest Eaters!

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Vegan Dinner Recipes

​Picky Eaters Beware!  One of these six vegan dinner recipes is sure to have you coming back for more!  Yup, we scoured the web to find you some of the most scrumptious vegan dinner time yum-yums available because we KNOW what it's like to have to feed a finicky eater day in and day out.  So without further ado, take a peek at these and let us know which one does the trick for you hard to please vegan.

Vegan Green Chili Mac & Cheese

Vegan Dinner Recipes Mac & Cheese

We start with the staple of all parents, Mac'n Cheese, because when the second half of the Vegan Banana crew was growing up and we wanted to eat out, our choices of eatery was limited to the places that served this delicacy.  Well, now that we are vegan and she's a tad bigger (ok, so she's 18 and all grown up. Where does the time go?) we are branching out to try new additions to this delicious family staple.  We hope you enjoy this exciting take on this classic created by he Minimalist Baker.  Personally, we find it delicious!

Wild Rice & Brussels Sprout Super Salad

Vegan Dinner Recipes Salad

With our next vegan dinner recipe we are again reaching back into my daughters childhood.  Until she was about 10 years old I COULD NOT get her to eat cooked vegetables.  But raw ones were always welcome any time of the day or night.  Yes, I was in many ways blessed but... YOU try to explain to a huffy Grandma why your kid won't eat the green beans when they are cooked LOL  Anyway, this offering is a delightfully grown up salad from Jamie Oliver that we think kids'll like too.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

Hearty White Bean Vegetable Soup

Vegan Dinner Recipes Bean Soup

This is not your grandma's boring bean soup!  Oh no... this yummy vegan dinner recipe is bursting with veggies and color.  We feel that this makes it much more appealing to the picky eaters of the world because each bite has something different to tempt.  Also, because it's just do darn pretty!  And let's face it we are learning more about the health benefits of beans.  And if you follow a nutritarian diet like I'm trying to do you'll want to get them into your daily routine.  Hopefully, this offering from Hello Glow will help you to do just that!

Vegan Dinner Recipes Squash Linguinie

Ok, I have to admit that when picking the vegan dinner recipes for this post this one just plain old looked good to me!  And boy was I right!  We think it's delicious. It's also simple to toss together and the sauce is easy to make in advance and freeze.  Creamy without any cream who could resist a steaming bowl of noodles, right?  In our opinion Cookie + Kate hit this picky eater dish out of the ball park!

Poblano and Portobello Fajitas

Vegan Dinner Recipes Fajitas

I have a confession to make.  I've always thought of fajitas as "build your own tacos".  And what is THE one sure way to get a picky eater to EAT a good meal?  Yes, you guessed it... let them make it themselves.  Or at least let them put what they want onto their plate... or in this case... their tortilla!  This second offering from the Minimalist Baker has all the sophistication a foodie could want in a vegan dinner recipe while still being "picky" proof! Win Win!

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

Vegan Dinner Recipes Stroganoff

We are going to round out our list of vegan dinner recipes with a vegan version of the one dish I cold ALWAYS get my picky eater to gobble up... Stroganoff!  This is one of the first dishes I learned to make vegan when we made the switch to this kinder, healthier lifestyle.  This version from One Green Planet is a delicious variation on this timeless classic.  You can even shake things up a bit these days by adding a bit of vegan sour cream if you like.  Just plop a dollup on top as a garnish or stir it in just before serving. YUMMY!

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  1. Rachel
    | Reply

    Love the recipes. I have just made a pot of white bean soup. I forgot kale and added rice noodles. One of the best darn meals I have had in a long time. The thyme goes down a treat in this soup. It’s like everything really compliments the other ingredients.

    Just come back to list all the ingredients for the stroganoff. Thanks.


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