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6 Vegan Thai Recipes To Make Dinnertime Fun!

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Vegan Thai Recipes

Ask and ye shall receive!  We've seen requests for some vegan thai recipes lately, so here we are!  Buckle up, babes, because we've got some raw vegan pad thai, coconut soup, peanut noodles, and of COURSE some lentil curry!  And let me just say all of these recipes really have my mouth watering.  I can't wait to try them all out!

Raw Vegan Pad Thai

Raw Vegan Pad Thai - Vegan Thai Recipes

First off we have this raw vegan pad thai from Tastemade that just has me going nuts.  Now, we here at Vegan Banana aren't raw by any stretch of the imagination, but this recipe just... sounds... so... GOOD.  Kelp noodles, a sweet and spicy sauce, bean sprouts on top?  Yes please!

Spicy Vegan Pad Thai

Spicy Vegan Pad Thai - Vegan Thai Recipes

Another pad thai recipe from Alex over at Delish Knowledge.  This one caught my attention because it's so damn pretty, but it also has those spicy, crispy tofu chunks/crumbles on top.  To be honest, I wanted to know how she did that as much as I wanted to know about the rest of the recipe (which just looks and sounds heavenly, if we're being real here).

Vegan Thai Coconut Soup

Vegan Thai Coconut Soup - Vegan Thai Recipes

Cilantro and Citronella's thai coconut soup recipe caught my eye.  And it sounds as good as it looks!  Lemongrass, oyster mushrooms, lime, coconut, brown sugar!  Mmm, mm, mm!  You can eat this straight out of the bowl with a spoon or ladle it onto some rice.

Easy Vegan Thai Cabbage Salad

Easy Vegan Thai Cabbage Salad - Vegan Thai Recipes

Cabbage salads of all kinds are rather popular around our house, but we've not tried one exactly like this before!  It looks so yummy and the sauce that the folks over at The Veg Life have for on it just sounds so delicious!  I can't wait to go out and get some little bean thread noodles so that we can try this out for ourselves!

Peanut Udon Noodles With Snow Peas

Peanut Udon Noodles With Snow Peas - Vegan Thai Recipes

This particular recipe reminded me of the peanut noodles we like to make for ourselves.  It has a few differences though and honestly, some good additions I might not have thought of!  The guys over at Oh My Veggies plunk in some snow peas and clove in their recipe!  Sounds like a yum to me.

Red Curry Vegetable Lentils

Red Curry Vegetable Lentils - Vegan Thai Recipes

What collection of vegan thai recipes would be complete without some curry?  The lady over at Running To The Kitchen put together a really good curry recipe that I know I'm dyin' to try.  

So, there we have it!  Some vegan thai recipes for all of you to try out!  If any of you guys do happen to test out these recipes, please comment below or nab us on twitter, we'd love to hear how it went!  Also let us know and share your own recipes with us, as we'd also really like to see what creative things you guys are doing in your vegan kitchen!​

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