The Vegan BananaWelcome! The Vegan Banana is the brain child of two tree huggers, animal lovers & fashionistas who are chasing a vegan lifestyle. We are doing our best to live sustainably & ethically in a world quite literally gone mad.

We’ve always been activists at heart but had never been sure where our energies would be most useful. There are just so many worthy causes and so many of them leave you wondering if you really made a difference.

But when you look at the issues of…

  • Animal rights
  • Climate change
  • Obesity, Diabetes & Heart Disease
  • Water shortage
  • Corporate control of food supply
  • Sustainable farming
  • GMOs vs Organic farming

The one thing that impacts them all is Veganism!  And that impact is not insignificant in any way shape or form. One person becoming vegan can have a HUGE and DIRECT impact on every issue on that list.

That’s worth saying again…

Adopting a vegan lifestyle is the one thing ANY PERSON CAN DO to have a positive and direct effect on all of those issues.

Becoming vegan is not like sending your money off to some charity so they can do good in your name, working on a cause you have no clue how to fix. Being vegan is a visceral and direct way to impact the world and make it a better place.

When looked at in this light, you have to ask yourself “How can you ethically NOT be vegan?” Obviously for us, the answer was to KISS MEAT GOODBYE and adopt a vegan lifestyle.

And we invite YOU to join us on this exciting and ever so fulfilling adventure in activism, health and conscience!

Go ahead, KISS MEAT GOODBYE, be Vegan! Together we will forge the world into a happier, safer, greener, cruelty free haven in this wonderful universe we call home.


The Vegan Banana Team…


Meet ShellyB (The Accidental Vegan)…


Hi,  I’m more or less an “accidental vegan”. My daughter calls me this jokingly. But I find it fits rather well because I surely didn’t set out to become a vegan.

Far from it. I thought vegans were NUTS!

Vegetarian’s I got, just barely, but vegans, not so much. To me they were those odd, smelly folks who lived on seeds and berries that were always trying to make us normal folks feel bad for liking bacon.

I mean, come on! I knew where bacon came from. What was so bad about that?

I grew up on a farm. I helped my Grandma plant, hoe and harvest the vegetables she’d later can and freeze to get us thru the winter.

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Meet Briana (Our RagingDaffodil)…

Briana (RagingDaffodil)

Hey guys, I’m Briana.  Though on the net I’m mostly known as RagingDaffodil, the idea of an angry flower just kind of makes me laugh.  And to top it off most of my friends have decided that it fits me in one way or another, they’ve also equated me to an angry kitten when I get angry.  So there’s that.

My journey towards Veganism didn’t so much start when I saw something harsh, read something harsh, or even started talking to people about it.  When I was little, I was the quintessential animal lover.

I wanted to grow up to be just like the Crocodile Hunter, or maybe a Marine Biologist.  My family ate bacon, drunk milk and cooked steak on the grill.  They are truly the stereotypical meat and potatoes with a side helping of corn kind of people.

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Meet Bodacious (The Vegan Bobo Dog)…

Bodacious The Vegan Bobo Dog


Bodacious is a 55 pound mutt who looks like a show dog! Seriously, when he’s not pretending to be a boneless mass of canine love folks are always asking us what breed he is LOL.

Sadly, contortions and his Hollywood looks are not the reason he is part of the Vegan Banana team. He has a major health issue.

Bobo suffers from serious dog food allergies!   And they are the reason he is a VEGAN DOG and an intrigal part of the Vegan Banana Team!

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