Animal Sanctuary

Visiting and supporting an animal sanctuary has to be one of the most fulfilling and joyful things any vegan can do. The incredible folks who operate animal sanctuaries around the world open their hearts, their homes and most assuredly their pocket books to untold numbers of animals in need.

Often times, their devotion to their animal charges precludes them having the time to get the word out about what they are doing or even what they need to keep doing it.

This is where the Vegan Banana’s “Sanctuary Sunday” comes in. Much like the brave crew of the “Star Ship Enterprise” we seek out and explore animal sanctuaries where ever they may be hiding. We shine a spotlight on the good works they are doing, sharing their needs with you and offering you ways to connect, visit and help them to help their animal charges.

The goal of every animal sanctuary is to protect and provide a safe, loving home for each animal in their charge. They create an environment where humans and animals are equal. Allowing them to live the lives of meaning and dignity that every earthling is entitled to.

Doing this successfully takes a great deal of dedication, knowledge, love and MONEY! Please consider helping where you can. Volunteering at a sanctuary near you can be one of the most fulfilling things any vegan can do. And donating cash or goods feels good too and is how most animal shelters keep their doors open and the critters fed.

Please Note: An Animal Sanctuary Is NOT Open To The Public Like A Zoo!

You will need to check to see if and when folks are allowed to visit. And be aware that once you are there you most likely will not be allowed to wander around “at will”. More likely you will be given a tour of the sanctuary where they will explain what they do and why they do it.  Because, other then tending to the needs of their animals an animal sanctuaries main focus is on education.  After that you’ll probably be allowed to interact with specific animals in a controlled manner. This is for both your safety and that of the animals in who’s home you are a guest.

And Now, Let’s Go Visit An Animal Sanctuary…

Sanctuary Sunday: Stormy The Blind Cow a Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Update

You asked for it, you got it folks… here’s what’s been going on with Stormy the blind cow that Renee King over at Rowdy Girl Farm Animal Sanctuary took in last year.  Ever since we published a post about this … Read More

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!

There’s always something happening at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!  From birthdays, like Lexi’s in the video above to events like their July Jamboree which saw more than 1,600 people!  Woodstock really is an amazing ambassador for Farm Animal Sanctuaries everywhere. … Read More

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary!

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary has a truly incredible story.  They’ve been around since 1999, out in Ontario!  Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary didn’t start out as a farm sanctuary.  Oh no, they were intently into wildlife rescue and decided a place … Read More

Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary!

I want you all to see and meet Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary.  These guys are amazing!  Like other sanctuaries, they fulfill the important and essential job of taking in farmed animals who’ve been abused, neglected, and… well, farmed. They give … Read More

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary is doing great work taking in animals from all over Ohio and keeping them safe until they can find their forever happy home.  They take in farm animals from cases of abuse and neglect and … Read More

Mino Valley Sanctuary Is Doing A Vlog A Day!

I’d never encountered these guys before, but Mino Valley Sanctuary is truly amazing!  They are out in Spain, so for all of you guys in Europe here’s someplace to consider visiting or at least supporting.  Mino Valley Sanctuary has officially … Read More

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

As I was surfing around the Vegan Zombie’s (totally should go check them out if you haven’t already) youtube channel, I stumbled across one of their sanctuary videos I hadn’t seen yet!  Indraloka Animal Sanctuary!  Talk about a beautiful place … Read More

How You Can Help Woodstock Sanctuary!

There are a great number of ways you can help Woodstock Sanctuary!  So if you can’t do one, there’s probably going to be another way for you to contribute if you want to.  Donating, volunteering, adopting.  All these are ways … Read More

Woodstock Sanctuary And Their In-Residency Programs

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary has some awesome opportunities to help.  One that I found particularly interesting is their In-Residency program!  Basically, you exchange your work for a place to stay and an opportunity to learn how a large farm animal … Read More

Meet Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Hi there, welcome to another Sanctuary Sunday!  Today, I want you guys to meet the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, they do fabulous work out in New York State.  I’d heard about them a while ago and all the good things … Read More

How You Can Help Rowdy Girl Sanctuary!

Running a farm animal sanctuary takes lots of hard work and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is no different.  Cash is usually in short supply and sometimes even finding volunteers can be challenging.  One of the nice things about Rowdy Girl’s planned … Read More

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Success Story: Stormy

Stormy is a three month old calf and one of the most recent additions to Rowdy Girl.  She’s so precious and sweet, and her story turned me into a blubbering mess.  In a good way though, so don’t be too … Read More

The Rowdy Girl Sanctuary: Permaculture Veganic Farm Experiment

The permaculture landscaping and veganic farm Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is working on has captured the imagination of the vegan world. Not only are these folks turning a working cattle ranch into a farm sanctuary, they are figuring out how to … Read More

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Overview!

Welcome to the start of Sanctuary Sunday!  Wherein we are going to highlight one sanctuary for the month, featuring difference parts and aspects of it every week.  To start us off, I present to you Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.  Cattle Ranchers … Read More