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Are Your Friends In Paris Safe? Here’s How To Find Out

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Friday's attacks in Paris shocked and horrified us all. Over the last few months we've been lucky to meet and make friends with vegans from all over the world, including a few from France and more specifically, Paris. As soon as we heard about the cowardly terror attacks going on in in Paris we immediately started to worry about our new friends.

Rather than sit and fret we turned to Facebook and their "Safety Check" tool to seek them out and find out if they were ok. It occurred to me that many of you may not know about this newish tool Facebook makes available (it was launched last year) so we're going to interrupt our regular posting schedule to bring it to your attention. Here is what it looks like.

Facebook Safety Check Page

To use this tool, if you are in the affected area (in this case Paris, France) you login to Facebook, visit the Safety Check page and click on the link that says "Yes, Let my friends know". You then mark your status as safe or not and can leave comments about what's going on. Only YOUR friends can see your status or comments.

Facebook will also look for people it knows are in the area and ask them to go update their status on the "Safety Check" page. You will get this prompt from Facebook if the city you have listed on your profile, the city you are using the internet from or your last location listed with Nearby Friends (if you have that feature turned on) is near the disaster area.

Thankfully all our French friends are safe and we hope yours are too. We know this isn't a "vegan" post per say, but we hope you'll see the value in spreading the word about such tools given the situation in the world today.  


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