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A Vegan Banana Cantaloupe Smoothie For Breakfast? Are You Nuts?

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Banana Cantaloupe Smoothie CollageNo, a banana cantaloupe smoothie is not nuts.  It’s totally yummy!  And some nuts would be quite good in it.  But I can see why you’d think that it would be.

Ok, I have to admit that when my mother informed me she had bought too much cantaloupe and I’d better put some into “that drink thing you make in the mornings” I was a tad hesitant.

Realizing, it was that ugly “you’ve never tried this” bug biting me on the nose again I quickly threw caution to the winds and put my thinking cap on.  Having only ever eaten cantaloupe (or “mushmelon” as we called it growing up) as a solo act I was unsure what to pair it with.  Well, after much ado, I decided that it would be hard to go wrong with a banana.  At least that would make it creamy, right?

All I can say is WOW!  This may be my new favorite vegan breakfast recipe of all time!  It’s light, refreshing, simple to make and TOTALLY YUMMY!  And I bet it’d work well with honeydew melon too.  I’ll check that out soon and let you know… Unless you beat me to it 🙂

What You Need For Your Vegan Banana Cantaloupe SmoothieVegan Banana Cantaloupe Smoothie Movie Strip

  • 2-3 handfuls of spinach
  • 1 banana
  • 1 1/2 cup cantaloupe
  • 1 TBSP flax meal
  • 5 almonds
  • 1 cup water

How To Make Your KISS Vegan Banana Cantaloupe Smoothie

Using our KISS or Keep It Simple System for making great vegan smoothie recipes you’ll want to use the above as a guide and adjust the amounts of your ingredients according to the amount you plan to make.

Please visit that link if you have no idea of what a KISS is in relation to smoothies 🙂

Step One…  Fill half your container filled with greens (or half your total ingredient volume if not filling your blenders pitcher).

Don’t be afraid to pack them in there.  Greens are soooooo good for you and this is a great way to sneak more into your diet.

Step Two…  Fill the other half of your container with fruit and melon, cantaloupe and banana to be exact.

Now, I like to keep mine pretty evenly devided between the cantaloupe and banana.  But if you like a stronger banana flavor don’t be afraid to change things up!  Use two bananas if you want.  This is YOUR vegan breakfast smoothie after all!

Step Three… Toss in a few almonds (other nuts/seeds would be nice to like pecans, walnuts or sunflower seeds) and a tablespoon of flax meal.

Step Four…  Add water to the “Max” mark on your NutriBullet or about a cup per serving if you are using a Blendtec or Vitamix and blend on HIGH for 30 seconds.

Yes, HIGH is scary but do it anyway.

It’s the only way you’ll get to see your food turn from chunky salad to a creamy smoothie.  Trust me, it tastes WAY BETTER when it’s well blended, extracted or pulverized.  Pick the word you like.

Now pour over ice and enjoy your very first KISS vegan banana cantaloupe smoothie.  Just don’t get so caught up in its yumminess that you forget to let us know how you fancied yours up.

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4 Responses

  1. Sheri B.
    | Reply

    Hi Vegan Banana, I suffer with crohn’s. My crohn’s doctor says not to eat raw vegetables. I gave up gluten and dairy about six months ago. I’ve also given up nightshade plants. I’ve been so weak and struggling I went to see 2 of my doctor’s. The only one I trust put me on yet another pill. It seems going vegan may fix my problem. I figured it was worth a shot to see if you’ve had any experience or knowledge about this issue. Thanks 🙂

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      Hey there Sheri B! We are sorry to hear you suffer from Crohn’s Disease but want to congratulate you for your decision to take your health into your own hands. We know that can be a frightening thing to do when we’ve been taught all our lives that “Doctors Know Best”. But like you, we’ve decided that that isn’t always the case.

      Crohn’s and veganism is something we have a vested interest in as well because my daughter’s partner was diagnosed with it during the 2014 holiday season. We were APPALLED by the things they were telling him to eat and more importantly not to eat! Then came the drugs. But you don’t need us to tell you about that circus.

      We are in the process of researching and putting together a lengthy post on this topic but don’t want you to have to wait for us to get it published in order to get started on your journey. So I’m going to throw some of our resources your way here and if you like we can email you when we get our research/post done.

      To start with I’d like to recommend a brief PDF by Dr. Fuhrman of “Eat to Live” fame. Also, many folks have found relief from Crohn’s by following the advise in “Eat To Live” but if you have BAD symptoms you may need to start with juicing as Dr. Fuhrman recommends in the above pdf.

      Considering that, we’d like to recommend you watch a movie called “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” you should be able to stream it on Netflix but if you’d rather own it you can find it here. Can’t say enough good things about Joe Cross or his film. Life changing.

      And lastly, this is a lady I met on Twitter who has made an AMAZING video and list of resources for eating vegan & Crohn’s Disease on Youtube. She spends the first half of the video telling her story and the last half helping you find resources to figure out how to go forward healthfully with yours. She does not tell you what to do or what to eat but shares resources for you to research what’s best for you to do for your own particular circumstance. The list she puts in her resource box is awesome.

      We wish you the best on your journey to health and hope you’ll keep in touch. Let us know what is working and what isn’t so others can benefit from your experience.

  2. Carole
    | Reply

    I freeze bananas when they’re getting too ripe. Peel them & wrap in cling film and keep in the freezer until you’re ready to use in your smoothie. This way you don’t need to add ice!

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      GREAT TIP! We do the same thing only I leave the skins on the banana’s and just toss them into a big zipper type freezer bag. Then when you want to use one you just pull it out, run it under some warm water from the tap and it slips right out of the peel. Your way’s probably faster when you want to use them though. Heck, you could even cut them into four pieces before tossing them into the freezer so they’d be the right size for dumping into the Nutribullet right out of the bag! Thanks for making me put my thinking cap on 🙂

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