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Best Personal Blender For Smoothies

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Are you looking for the best personal blender for smoothies?  If so you are not alone because let's face it, smoothies make the world go round.  Or at least they make breakfast fast, nutritious and delicious.  It's also something everyone who adopts a whole food plant based diet (in other words a healthy vegan diet) eventually needs.

​Once you get yourself a high speed blender you'll find it useful for far more than just making smoothies.  Before you know it you'll be blending up your own healthy salad dressings, sorbets and "nice-creams".  Making your own flours for the tastiest baked goods ever.  Churning out fresh hummus in every flavor under the sun and serving the creamiest homemade soups you can imagine.  

So yes, finding the best personal blender for smoothies is a good place to start.  Just remember it can do so much more than smoothies that before you know it you'll wonder how you ever managed to cook without one.

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

Best Personal Blender For Smoothies... Nutribullet

The NutriBullet is truly a "personal" blender for smoothies.  It is designed to make single servings or small batches of up to 2 cups at a time.  It comes with two cup sizes and two blade assemblies.  The "extraction" blade blends whole foods like apples, carrots and greens into a uniform creamy consistency in 30-45 seconds.  (That is assuming you add the appropriate amount of water, juice or veggie milk)  And the milling assembly turns flax, chia or almonds into meal, oat groats or wheat berries into flour just as quickly.  We find it's smaller size to be an advantage not to be discounted.

Blendtec Total Blender With Four Side Jar

Best Personal Blender For Smoothies... Blendtec

The Blendtec pitcher holds nearly 3 quarts and has 4 inch precision–tuned blades so it can whip up smoothies for the whole family, all at once, in no time flat.  Where the large pitcher really shines is when you are making soups, milks or flour for holiday baking.  It's large enough for you to get the whole job done in one or two batches.  And the Blendtec high speed blender is powerful enough to turn that whole pitcher filled with fruits and veggies into a beautiful lump free smoothie with no assistance.  No plunger needed.  Of the large pitcher high speed blenders the Bendtec is our favorite.

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

Best Personal Blender For Smoothies... Vitamix

Lots of folks think the Vitamix is the best personal blender for smoothies and we are not going to disagree with them.  (However, in the interest of full disclosure we like the NutriBullet and Blendtec best) Like the Blendtec it has a large pitcher holding well over two quarts.  The lid has a large "plug" in the center that needs to be removed so the plunger can be used to push foods down into the high speed blades.  This opening is also useful for drizzling additional ingredients into your mixture as it's blending.  For example more water, almond milk or oil.  It should be noted the plunger is not optional it is needed and that this blender is usually too tall to fit under a kitchen counter with the pitcher sitting in the base.

Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy to Use Superblender

Best Personal Blender For Smoothies... Breville

Breville makes GREAT small kitchen appliances and their personal blender is no exception.  It is a powerhouse they are so sure of it comes with a SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY!  It has a digital display and comes with 5 pre-programed settings, a timer function so you can set it and forget it for automatic smoothies waiting for you and more

Honestly, between the large pitcher high speed blenders to us it's between the Breville and the Blendtec.  Both are excellent and will get the job done no matter if you are making smoothies from whole foods, powering thru frozen fruits for sorbets and "ice creams" or milling wheat for flour.  The deciding factor really is if you prefer more or less settings or prefer more simple operations.  If you like bells and whistles this Breville has them ALL!

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    I used vitamixes on the job, endlessly, but for home I found an amazing consumer blender by Black & Decker. I chose it because it has a 4.5 amp motor. Gets the job done. Someday I’ll have a vitamix or blendtec, but today is not that day. Thanks for these reviews!

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