Bodacious The Vegan DogBodacious is a 55 pound mutt who looks like a show dog! Seriously, when he’s not pretending to be a boneless mass of canine love folks are always asking us what breed he is LOL.

Sadly, contortions and his Hollywood looks are not the reason he is part of the Vegan Banana team. He has a major health issue.

Bobo suffers from serious dog food allergies! We are talking about the kind of allergy that has him…

  • Puking after or between every meal.
  • Vomiting up foamy phlegm in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.
  • Licking his paws, the floor, the couch anything he can get his tongue on
  • incessantly.
  • Breaking out in rashes on his jowls and ears.
  • Mucus covered poop. And finally,
  • Bloody vomit and stools.

So yes, you get the idea. He has the kind of allergies that are challenging on every level for both him and us. Physically. Emotionally. Financially.

So you see, Bobo’s dog food allergies are the reason he is vegan and a part of the Vegan Banana team. (That and the fact that talking about your dog is always fun) We figured that it’s been such a difficult journey for us it probably is for others as well and maybe talking about it will help.

You have to go from…

  • From realizing there really is a problem.
  • To figuring out what it is (diagnosing).
  • Then find foods that won’t have your dog puking and pooping blood on a regular basis.

It’s such a long and winding journey that some folks might not even realize the reason their dog is sick is because of his food!

Good Golly, I never suspected that the RASH IN HIS EARS was because of what Bobo was eating. I mean come on, he’s a puppy named Bodacious and he lives up to his name!

100_3697Bobo is all boy and into EVERYTHING. To complicate matters he has other issues too.

  • Bodacious was neutered too young (7 weeks by the shelter)
  • He gets car sick. Majorly no fun there!
  • Benadryl makes him hallucinate. We learned this the day he got stung by a bee.
  • Bobo got half a Nylabone stuck in his digestive track. No fun AND expensive.

It’s not like figuring out your baby has dog food allergies is easy. Far from it. Life gets in the way unless you get lucky or (like us) things come to a frightening head.

We wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone! And who would have known that becoming vegan would fix things for him?

So you see, that is why we are here, Bodacious, Briana and I. We don’t want you and your fur babies to have to go thru anything near as scary as what we did.

Dog food allergies are serious and not to be taken lightly as is putting your dog on a vegan diet. But they don’t have to be life threatening and you don’t have to deal with them alone.

So Bodacious is part of our little Vegan Banana team and together with ya’ll we will have happy healthy dogs!