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Cashew Vegan Café: Chattanooga’s Plant Based Diner

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Cashew Review CollageSo, my partner and I had heard about Cashew Vegan Café.  It’s a plant-based vegan restaurant in Downtown Chattanooga Tennessee.  We’d seen it on more than one occasion as we walked around town, window shopping and chatting.  It looked like a nice place, bit of a “hole in the wall” but pleasant.  So, after saying for the hundredth time that we should check it out, we finally went in and did.

Portabello Mushroom Hoagie at Cashew003Now, this place is definitely a hole in the wall.  It’s small and doesn’t have massive seating options, so I wouldn’t take a big party there unless you decide on takeout.  Since it’s just Alex and I, we don’t worry about it and find ourselves a seat.  They have inside seating and outside.

It might be small but it’s light and airy inside, and the atmosphere is very welcoming.  So I didn’t have any problem with it (anxiety issues due to crowds and such) which was great!  The service has been excellent every time we stop here.  And the food is always excellent.

They have a pretty impressive menu, which you can check out for yourself on their website here,  from baked potatoes with chili and cashew cheese (among other various toppings should you so choose them), to sandwiches galore.  I’ve fallen in love with their Portobello Mushroom Hoagie, it’s just soooooooooo yummy.

It’s got roasted Portobello Mushroom slices with some baby greens, roasted red peppers and Walnut cream sauce, then it’s served on a whole wheat hoagie roll.  It is heaven on bread.

And to top it all off, it came with a side of what seemed to be sweet potato chips.  They were so good, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made in house.  I’ll just have to ask if they do next time I’m there, because now I’m curious.

I know they make their dill pickles themselves (and they are really good).
My partner tried their chili cheese loaded baked potato the first time there, and its AMAZING!  I stole a bite.  Don’t tell.  The cashew cheese was so yummy and cheesy!

It was delicious homemade chili, rather tomatoy, so if you like that kind of chili this is Vegan Baked Potato at Cashew001definitely for you.

Now the second time Alex got their Adzuki bean burger, and he is a tried and true omni (for now) and he took pains to inform me that if we felt like getting burgers and I suggested we came here for that… Well, he wouldn’t complain.

The patty itself is made from buckwheat and adzuki beans, then it’s topped with lettuce, tomato, veganaise, ketchup and mustard.  All on a whole wheat bun.  I had a bite, and I had to agree with him.

It was divine!

All in all, Cashew is amazing and WELL worth a try, though it is important to note and remember that, except for Fridays when they are open to 8pm, this place is really just for lunch.

Their hours are…

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11-4
Thursday 11-4
Friday 11-8
Saturday 11-4

They have so many yummy things to try, I know we’ll definitely be going back soon.  I really want to try their cupcakes and beet burger!  We also wanted to mention that Cashew’s main focus is on catering.  So if you have a party or gathering please give them a call (Phone 423.355.5486)  You won’t be disappointed!

You can find them on Facebook here!

Now for directions, here’s the address!  149 River St, Chattanooga, TN 37402.  You can plug that into whatever GPS you like to use!  And for those of you who like to use google maps, here it is!  Just plug in your location and it’ll generate a route for you to take.

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