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Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary!

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary has a truly incredible story.  They've been around since 1999, out in Ontario!  Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary didn't start out as a farm sanctuary.  Oh no, they were intently into wildlife rescue and decided a place out in the country would be all the better.

​Shortly after going out there they got contacted by multiple rescue groups looking for a place to put animals in need. Their first rescue?  Goats.  

Who'd have thought, right?  Okay, so, we probably saw it coming... But the young couple certainly didn't at the time! Through some of their early big rescue's, they were juggling helping the animals in need and raising their twin toddlers.  The Poole Family are all seriously dedicated to their cause, and their story is well worth a read on over here.​

Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary has work visits, where you go and help out around the farm as needed and get to enjoy some time with the animals and they all end in a delicious vegan potluck!  So if you are in the area, consider scheduling a work day at the sanctuary, it'll be fun and worth the time!

Want to know even more about these guys?  Go on over to their website here and have a look around!  

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