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Check Out The United Nations Food Gardens!

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We are beyond pleased to learn about the United Nations Food Gardens!  Yes I know we are behind the power curve here because we only just found out they existed.  Even though they’ve been a reality for just a little over a year now and have had at least one good harvest.  The food they grow, on their 17 acres in downtown Manhattan, is being served up in the on-site cafeteria.  We love how they are leading by example with this.  Talk about locally sourcing your food!

United Nations Food Gardens“The UN Food Gardens is a voluntary UN staff initiative that is establishing food gardens on the premises of the UN Headquarters. Our aim is to help the UN translate global priorities related to sustainable food systems and greener cities into action and lead by example.

The first garden was officially opened by the UN Secretary-General in July 2015. A wide variety of edible plants from around the world have since been grown in the garden.

UNICEF’s and the UN Secretariat’s caterers have turned some of the garden produce into super-local, healthy food for UN staff. Native pollinators have returned to the area. Garden and food waste is being turned into healthy soil for the garden.” Via unfoodgardens.org




“The opening of our food garden today is an amazing accomplishment. We feel passionate about connecting policy makers and international representatives through the simple act of growing food.

For 10,000 years, people grew most of their own food. In the past 50 years or so, we have lost that connection to the very thing that supports us,” said Arif Khan, founder of the UN Food Gardens.

“The UN is a unique place and we hope that the gardens serve to connect a wide variety of people through the most basic of activities. No politics here.”

Staff at the UN hope that the garden will not only provide food, but also opportunities for intercultural exchange and learning, setting an example of good urban land stewardship right at the heart of Manhattan.” read more at cityfarmer.info

We love the idea of this green oasis quietly tucked away between the steel, glass and concrete of down town New York.  If food can be grown here there is no reason it can’t be grown almost anywhere.  We just need city planners, architects and property developers to see the value of replicating the United Nations Food Gardens in cities around the globe.

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