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Cookie Rage… When Pictures Lie!

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Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie FAIL Collage

Okay, so, yesterday the rest of the family was out of the house and thus out of the kitchen.  So, naturally we decided to cook!  Some of that “weird vegetarian food” as my grandmother skeptically puts it.  And possibly one of the most outrageous and maddening things happened.  A recipe lied, damn it all.  ON THE INTERNET.  The glorious picture of the cookies was right there, tempting me to make them.

But the picture was a LIE.

I know, who’d have thought the internet would lie, right?  I mean such horrors have only been talked about in legends.

We did a lot of cooking yesterday, from my newly discovered favorite chia seed pudding all the way to marinating the tofu for dinner and roasting some chickpeas for snacking.

Mom wasn’t feeling great, and with Grandpa home I decided what better than to make cookies?  Grandpa is a cookie fiend, and I thought I’d make some peanut butter cookies because they were moms favorite.  Little did I know that the recipe I found was… To say the least, less than amazing.

Cookie Fail DoughI saw the picture on the page and went, “Ooooh, ahhhhh, that looks amazing!”.  Lets face it, half the time you pick a recipe because the picture looks delicious!   It’s important to see your food.  So I went with it, just a simple vegan cookie recipe.  No biggie, right?

Boy, was I wrong.  It all went just fine at first, everything went into the bowl and mixed into a lovely and delicious dough (yes, I did eat some of it!).

And then, being the new Chef in the house, my first mistake and something that’s completely on me… I forgot to smush the peanut butter cookies down.  So they stayed in these little dough balls in the oven.

Imagine my horror when they didn’t fall.  Mom just kind of stared at me for awhile before attempting to salvage my first batch of cookies.

…They got smushed to bits, so I figured that I had just just totally screwed up that batch, as when I attempted to remove them from the pan… Well, they just kind of … crumbled into cookie dust.


So, I knew for the second tray of cookies going in, smoosh them into submission first.  So, I made nice little cookie shapes and plunked them into the oven and let them cook while I prodded the previous batch with a stick-, I mean, spoon.

Well.  The next batch came out about fifteen minutes later, looking all nice and lovely!  …And then we Cookie Fail Comparisonstarted trying to take them off the tray. They didn’t stick or anything, no, they just crumbled into a heap if you touched them with anything other then a feather.  We just barely managed to get these onto a plate.

And so, here are points in all this.  WHY MUST YOU USE A FAKE PICTURE, PLEASE JUST MAKE THE RECIPE WORK.  We figured out that the problem wasn’t my amateur attempts, but instead the recipe itself.

I really get grumpy when the picture or pictures don’t match up to what you made, especially when you follow the recipe on the page exactly.  I mean, sure, our pictures of the food on this site might not be top notch yet, but you can be sure they are OURS at least!

There is no way the cookies in that picture came from that recipe.  Can I just say I’m in a bit of a foodrage at this point?  I think I can.  Oh well.  I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles, isn’t it guys?

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