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Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation Options

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Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation


If you’re looking for a cruelty free vegan foundation you are in luck.  These days more and more makeup companies are seeing the writing on the wall and recognizing that vegan (or at the very least cruelty free) makeup is the wave of the future.  Seriously, why must poor little bunnies and other animals suffer for our passion for makeup?

Foundations today are barely recognizable from the gunk we used to smear on our faces back when I first started wearing makeup.  And thank goodness for that.  They keep getting better and better at helping us both highlight our best features while minimizing the less optimal ones.  I don’t know about you but though I am proud of every wrinkle I have earned I don’t necessarily want to be showing them off all the time 🙂

Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation #1
Kat Von D “Lock-It” Tattoo

Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation - Lock It!
Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation


For folks who truly want a “Full Coverage” foundation it’s hard to go wrong with this Kat Von D “Lock-It”.  Like the name says you can even cover tattoo’s with it.  Though, as you might expect, the more solid and dark your tattoo is the more layers you may need if you want to make it actually vanish.

This foundation is light on your face and breathable but you do know it’s there.  It wears longer than any makeup we’ve looked into to date.  So if you are looking for a true all day foundation you should give this a try.  Folks with oily skin report the need to powder occasionally but not too often.

Please note, this makeup is not designed to give you a “makeup free” natural look but rather a smooth, clean, blank canvas from which to work your magic.


Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation #2
Jane Iredale “Glow Time”

Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation - Glow Time
Jane Iredale ‘Glow Time’ Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25


“Glow Time” from Jane Iredale is another full coverage foundation.  It’s interesting because it’s a liquid mineral BB cream.  BB stands for “Beauty Balm” for those of you who may be wondering.  Basically what that means is it’s formula includes a moisturizer and a sunscreen as well as foundation pigment.  We are starting to see a lot more of this kind of makeup as folks begin to understand what their skin needs to stay healthy.

If you have oily skin or use a moisturizer beneath your foundation as a rule this may be a little much for your face.  Too much “shine”.  So we recommend you skip your regular moisturizer at first to see how well this does double duty for you.

That said, this makeup works VERY WELL for folks with dry skin or for those who need a little extra moisturizer in the winter.  It will keep your skin supple.  No “tight” feeling while wearing this foundation.

Layerable, doesn’t cake or crease.  This makeup is best applied with a blending brush and makeup sponge.


Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation #3
Jane Iredale “Liquid Minerals”

Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation - Jane Iredale 'Liquid Minerals'
Jane Iredale ‘Liquid Minerals’ Foundation


This Jane Iredale “Liquid Minerals” Foundation is so nourishing we think of it as a serum with pigment.  In fact the pigment is actually encased in little liposome beads that are suspended in gel made of aloe vera, lavender flower water and vegetable glycerin.  The liposomes time release nourishment onto your skin throughout the day so your skin never feels weighted down.

This vegan foundation easily evens out your skin tones giving you that “no makeup” look so sought after these days.  This light, nourishing even coverage is our recommended go-to foundation for everyday wear.  Something that everyone agrees on is that this makeup looks better after it’s been on your face for a while so we recommend putting it on and observing yourself in a mirror for 3-5 minutes before passing judgement.  You will be amazed how it evens out before your very eyes.

Note, when you pump this product out of the bottle the little pigment beads break and mix with the gel.  It can feel a little odd on your fingers until you blend it.  We find applying this with our fingers to be just as effective as using a brush or sponge.


Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation #4
Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour & Highlight Foundation

Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation - Aesthetica
Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour and Highlighting Powder Foundation Palette


The Aesthetica Foundation Kit is unique because it offers you multiple foundation powders for less than the price of just one produced by many other companies.  And it comes with printed instructions on how to apply the powders depending on your specific face shape.  Application of this product is easy to do with a buffing brush and the wear time is great.  It really does last all day.

These powders are have a medium pigmentation which is exactly what you want from a product meant to be built up in layers.  If they were highly pigmented you would be drawing lines on your face that you couldn’t blend away instead of building up layers of color.  Because of this it is virtually impossible to mess up applying this makeup.

For whatever reason, I always have dark circles under my eyes so I appreciate having the yellow/vanilla powder in the top center of this pallete.  It is the PERFECT shade to negate the blue tone of these circles.  And of the two vanilla colors that complete the top row the one on the right has a slight glitter effect.  Not so much you’ll look like a tween dusting your face with glitter but just a touch to give your skin a lovely glow.

This is such a versatile set of powders.  It replaces many of the products you already buy in singles.  For example, with my light skin tone the chocolate color in the middle of the bottom row (which is the EXACT same color as the Kevin Aucoin medium sculpting powder) is perfect for contouring while I use the other two more cinnamon colors as bronzers.

There are two tips on how I use the Aesthetica Foundatio Palette. Please share in the comments how you use yours.  Most of us are always looking for new makeup tips’n tricks!


Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation #5
INIKA Liquid Minerals

Cruelty Free Vegan Foundation - INIKA Liquid Mineral
INIKA Liquid Mineral Foundation


Inika liquid mineral foundation is vegan and cruelty free, as all the products we have spotlighted here are, but they take it a giant step further.  They guarantee that 76% of their ingredients are also organic!  How cool is that?  It provides a light coverage that evens out your skin tone and gives you a perfect “no makeup” everyday look.

This foundation is chock full of organic antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and really is a cross between a moisturizer and a foundation.  We wouldn’t recommend it for folks with oily skin as it may be too much moisture for you.  For folks with dry skin this INIKA foundation will be your best friend for daily use, especially in the winter months.  This product is best applied with your fingers or a buffing brush.

One thing to note this vegan foundation is NOT FRAGRANCE FREE!  It has a delightful, light herbal fragrance to it.  We believe, though no company literature we could find backs this up, that the scent comes from all the organic ingredients and essential oils used to make it.  Personally, we enjoy the scent.  It is light, spicy and not overwhelming in the least.  But if you are someone who is sensitive to such things, this may not be the product for you.


Foundations keep evolving as we learn more and more about our skin.  How it ages, how it absorbs nutrients (and unhealthy substances too) and even how nutrition and exercise effect it.  The brilliant chemists at cosmetic companies these days take all these things into account as they formulate better and better foundation (and other makeup) products for us.  Please take a moment to let us know about your favorite cruelty free vegan foundation product in the comments below.


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