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Deal With A Food Bully Vegan Style!

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Food BullyA food bully can really rain on your parade if you let them.  Going vegan is one of the best things you can do for your health, the planet and your conscience.  But that doesn’t mean such a change is always easy.

One major obstacle many of us face is Food Bullying!

They crop up their ugly heads at work, on picnics and family gatherings such as holiday feasts.  The thing that is most disturbing about them and that gives them such power is that they are often family and friends.

These folks will sabotage you if they can for an assortment of reasons.


  • They  are well meaning but misinformed and think your diet unhealthy for you
  • They have control issues
  • They don’t want to evaluate their own unhealthy diet

You know them when you see them.  The pushy aunt, in-law or mother who just can’t stand that you’re not eating the same things they are.

They say such things as…

  • “I made your favorite dish, just for you.  What do you mean you aren’t eating any?  You don’t want to hurt my feelings do you?”
  • “It’s just one bite.  What could it hurt?”
  • Some even go so far as to push food at your face!

Stop The Food Bully Before She Begins

The time to deal with the food bully is BEFORE they get the chance to start bullying you.  Connect with them BEFORE  the event or get-together  be sure to explain that you’re happy to attend but because of your new healthy and cruelty free diet you won’t be eating many of the traditional foods being served.

Be sure to tell them it’s nothing to stress over because you’ll bring a dish that you can eat and everyone is welcome to share it with you if they like.

Dr. Fuhrman, of “Eat To Live” fame,  recently spoke on this topic and here is his comment…

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“One has to tell relatives and friends now, not later at the dinner table, that he/she is on a special, healthy diet prescribed by Dr. Fuhrman to lose weight and prevent cancer so don’t be offended that conventional foods will not be eaten at the holiday get-togethers.

Giving into food bullies is just another dysfunctional excuse to continue in food addiction. The inability to speak one’s feelings for fear of a reprimand is also toxic and may be cancer causing.

By not addressing it, and by not taking a stand with pushy relatives and friends, giving into food bullies is ill-will and selfish; because one is not giving loved ones a chance to learn what they should be considering for their lives also; whether they do it or not.”

Draw your line in the sand and mean it.   Be polite but firm and you’ll be surprised at how these people back down and leave you be.

Bullies of all stripes try to control the actions of others because of underlying envy, resentment or doubt.  Under the bluster they tend to be weak and actually welcome strong direction.

So politely, but firmly,  stand your ground and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the food bully’s attempt to dominate you vanishes.

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