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Another Reason To Ditch Dairy… 4 Million Pounds of Poisoned Milk Powder Seized!

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Not Your Mom. Not Your Milk! Ditch Dairy... Why should she suffer for your pleasure?

My vegan friends it’s not as if we need more reasons to ditch dairy but the government and businesses intent on putting profits above everything else just gave us another one.  On November 30th the US Food & Drug Administration tells us that…

The U.S. Marshals Service seized more than 4 million pounds of product produced by Valley Milk Products LLC (Valley Milk) of Strasburg, Virginia. The company is owned by the Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association Inc. in Reston, Virginia. The seized products include dry nonfat milk powder and buttermilk powder packaged in 40- and 50-pound bags for further manufacturing and are worth nearly $4 million.


During an FDA inspection of Valley Milk from July – September 2016, FDA investigators observed poor sanitary practices and reviewed the company’s records, which showed positive results for Salmonella in the plant’s internal environmental and finished product samples. FDA investigators observed residues on internal parts of the processing equipment after it had been cleaned by the company and water dripping from the ceiling onto food manufacturing equipment. In addition, environmental swabs collected during the inspection confirmed the presence of Salmonella meleagridis on surfaces food came into contact with after being pasteurized. Throughout the investigation, the FDA worked closely with the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


“The FDA urged Valley Milk to conduct a voluntary recall of the implicated products,” said Melinda K. Plaisier, the FDA’s associate commissioner for regulatory affairs. “The firm refused to recall and, as a result, we have had to intervene and seize this adulterated food to prevent it from reaching consumers who could be exposed to Salmonella from these products.”


The FDA used a bacterial typing tool called whole genome sequencing (WGS) to link the samples collected in the facility over time. WGS technology can show the relationship among isolates of bacterial pathogens found in the environment, a food source or a person who became ill from consuming contaminated food. The sampling results indicate that the Salmonella strains from 2016 are nearly identical to Salmonella strains found at the company in 2010, 2011 and 2013. These findings of Salmonella meleagridis at the company dating back several years demonstrate the existence of a persistent strain of Salmonella at this facility. Via foodpoisonjournal.com

Folks, milk finds its way into all kinds of things it has no business being in, from hot cocoa to french fries to condoms. (No we are not making that up. And yes, we know it’s gross).

Now, even if you don’t care that the cows the milk is taken from are…

  • tortured
  • forced to live in abhorrent conditions
  • have their babies ripped from them as soon as they are born and finally
  • killed when they are the human equivalent of 20-something because their bodies give out from the constant pregnancy and lactation it was not designed to support.

You should care that milk is just plain bad for you (it causes cancer for goodness sake) and now it can kill you long before cancer has the chance to get you because it’s being processed in facilities KNOWN to harbor deadly pathogens by people who KNOW the pathogens are there and just don’t care if you get sick or die.

Come on people WAKE UP!  It’s long past time to do a cow (and yourself) a favor.  Go Vegan and DITCH DAIRY!

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