Easy Vegan Recipes

Easy vegan recipes and meal ideas to tempt even the most dyed-in-the-wool carnivore. That's what you need if you love the idea of being vegan but find yourself struggling to figure out how to assemble balanced meals!

​You know that eating the vegan way is hands down the best way to keep yourself and your family healthy and out of the Doctors office now and especially later in life.

​It's also one of the best and greenest things you can do for the planet. Did you know that simply by eating vegan each member of your family will save as much greenhouse gasses as they would if they switched from driving a Hummer to a Prius?

​Not to mention the good it does for the poor animals stuck on industrial farms. If enough of us vote with our forks, surely even that industry will eventually get the point.

​When you're raised in a "Meat'n Potatoes" home, like I was, it's difficult to wrap your head around how to put a "proper" meal onto the table when you remove those two things from the menu. I flailed about for months (ok, my daughter will tell you it was more like years) trying to figure out all this vegetarian, vegan, nutritarian stuff. I mean, like you, I knew it was the best, most healthful way to eat. And I really wanted to do it.

​But if you're not gonna have steak and potatoes, what the heck do you put on your plate? Three side dishes? Just imagine inviting your Mom over to dinner and when she asks what you're serving having to answer "Green beans, coleslaw and pickles"

​See? That just doesn't work and so I was stuck. But you don't have to be! Here you'll find information and tools to jump start your very own vegan adventure.

​And, you can follow along with my daughter and me on our Vlog as we share with you our challenges, successes and abject failures as we deal with the real life issues of being vegan in the midst of family and friends who think we're NUTS!

​And lastly, we hope you'll share your own easy vegan recipes and experiences with us and our guests. Because, recipe by recipe, when we all band together it gets a whole lot easier to "Kiss Meat Goodbye!"

Easy Vegan Recipes...
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