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Easy Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes

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Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes CollageYummy vegan whole wheat pancakes seems like a great place to start your new lifestyle.  And that’s exactly what my daughter and I thought when we started ours.  Pancakes are something we just love no matter what their stripe.  Plain, whole wheat, banana, blueberry, raspberry… the list goes on and on.  We are always experimenting with pancakes.  The only real disaster was the chocolate chip pancakes I insisted on trying to make.  But that’s a whole other story which I’ll save for later.

Anyway, we love to cook breakfast on the “weekends” and ever since my daughter was little she loved to mix, pour and FLIP pancakes.  It gave her cooking experience.  Which I think way too many kids lack these days.

But also as a homeschooling mom, I was always on the lookout for practical ways to incorporate math into our lives.  All that measuring, reading charts and following directions, don’cha know LOL

But once we decided to “Go Vegan” our kitchen experiences presented us with a whole new list of “solvable” issues.  Like…

Turns out, nothing could be easier than these vegan whole wheat pancakes.

Making Easy Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes?
Here’s What You Need…vegan-whole-wheat-pancakes-stack branded

Here’s How To Make Easy Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes…

The short version for you experienced cooks

  • Make vegan buttermilk
  • Make flax meal egg substitute
  • Mix all dry ingredients
  • Mix all wet ingredients
  • Pour wet into dry and stir gently.  Don’t over stir!
  • Spoon into HOT skillet and flip when bubbles appear.
  • Pancakes should be golden brown when done.
  • Serve with topping of your choice.  We like real maple syrup or fruit purees.

And here is a more detailed explanation for those of you new to the kitchen…Vegan Whole Wheat Pancakes Movie Strip

Start by preparing your vegan buttermilk and egg substitute because these things need to sit for 5-10 minutes before they are ready to use.

(If you don’t know how to do that click on the links above for detailed instructions on how to make those ingredients.)

Now you’re going to need two mixing bowls.  One for the dry stuff and one for all the wet ingredients.

First measure out and mix all the dry ingredients into the larger of your two bowls.  Whisk or stir them well.

After your buttermilk and egg replacer have set for at least 5 minutes add them and the rest of your wet ingredients into your second mixing bowl.  Stir or whisk well.

Note… melting the coconut oil in the skillet you plan to fry your pancakes in does double duty.  It melts your coconut oil for the batter and greases the skillet at the same time.

Make a hole or well in the middle of your dry ingredients and pour your wet into that hole.  Stir to gently combine wet and dry ingredients but don’t over stir!  Stirring too much will make your pancakes tough.  A few lumps are normal.

Heat your greased skillet until the oil is hot but not smoking.  A drop of water should dance on the surface.

Keep the heat at a medium level.  This can take some experimentation so don’t worry if your first pancakes cook either too quickly or slowly.  Just learn from the one you just cooked and adjust your heat up or down if needed.

This will be a THICK batter so you’ll have to spoon it into your skillet instead of pouring it.  You will also need to use your spoon to tap or spread the batter out into a pancake shape right after you drop it into the skillet.

You have now reached the “Hard PART” because it’s time to just sit back and watch your pancake cook.  This is the worst for me because I hate waiting but know I can’t rush it!

When bubbles form in the uncooked batter it’s time to flip.  This can take a little while so just be patient.

Cook both sides until they are golden brown then scoop it out of the skillet and drop your next spoon of batter into the skillet.  Use your spatula to pull some oil into the center of the pan from the edges, if needed, before adding more batter to the skillet.

Spoon and flip away until all of your batter is transformed into delicious easy vegan whole wheat pancakes.  Stack the finished pancakes on a plate in a warm oven until you are finished cooking.

Whew!  That took a lot of telling.  But in reality, making these yummy pancakes is easy peasy.  Just dive right in.  It really is all but impossible to mess them up.

REMEMBER… When you make these, don’t forget to let us know how they much you loved them! 

And of course we want to know if you made them as is or if you switched them up?  Because it’s far easier to “Kiss Meat Goodbye” and make it stick when we all share what we know.

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