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Faux Leather Cat Bed

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Why should dogs have all the fun? These faux leather cat bed ideas will have your feline friends lounging in cruelty free bliss and feeling utterly superior as a kitty should.  And let's face it, they really do look cool.  One of these is sure to have your friends and family buzzing with envy.

Supreme Faux Leather Sofa Couch Pet Bed

OMG how adorable is this little faux leather cat bed?  It looks just like a little chair or loveseat.  Gotta say it's perfect for any pampered kitty on this planet and would have all my friends gushing.  What about yours?

Best Pet Supplies Curl Plush Doughnut Bed for Pets

This faux leather cat bed looks super comfy.  Can't you just see your kitty snuggling into the plush interior of this doughnut?  The faux leather outer makes it very durable and yet still machine washable.

Celebrity Faux Leather Half Circle Sofa Couch Pet Bed

Talk about a show stopper!  Ubber modern and sleek this cat bed reminds us of a barrel chair and we just can't get over the upholstery details on the arms.  Love the stitching and studs.  It will elevate the decor of any home.

Best Pet Supplies Faux Leather Round Bed

Stylish, durable, eco-friendly and PINK!  What more could you want for your upscale kitty?  What about a non-skid bottom so your kitty landing in it at speed won't send it slipping across the room?  Or it being machine washable so you can easily keep it looking like new? Ok, I'm starting to sound like an infommercial so I'll stop now and just let you go take a look at his pretty in pink faux leather cat bed.

Pawhut Deluxe PU Leather Pet Bed

Apparently round is "in" for faux leather cat beds because here is another take on a barrel chair.  We love the contrasting stitching and upscale look of this little gem.  And if your cat is a "box lover" the raised front lip will help them to feel right at home in it.  

The description for this cat bed calls for "simple assembly", meaning the legs need to be screwed on.  Usually assembly required isn't a selling point but in this case we think it is.  It gives you the option to have two different looks, with our without legs, depending on what works best in your home.

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4 Responses

  1. lola duke
    | Reply

    Where can I purchase a round donut bed or the cute pink one and how much Thank you, Lola

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      Each cat bed image is linked to where you can purchase it. Prices fluctuate so to avoid confusing our guests you’ll have to click thru to see the current price. Last time I looked the pink one was on sale. Hope it still is when you go shopping for it.

  2. Deb presser
    | Reply

    Obviously for declawed cats?

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      We do not support or promote declawing cats. However, if you have rescued a declawed cat, sure, these are great for them. That being said, our kitty Lelu (who we had the joy of spending over 18 years with) never clawed up any kitty bed we got for her, faux leather or otherwise. Now scratching posts and sometimes door jams were a whole other story LOL. We get that some cats are tougher on furnishings than others so each cat owner will have to decide if a faux leather cat bed is right for their little furball or not.

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