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5 Faux Leather Coffee Table Ottoman Combo’s For Your Stylish Home!

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Are you looking for a faux leather coffee table ottoman type combination?  Look no further!  We've put together a selection that'll be great with kids or in your cruelty free bachelor-pad (remember, compassion is sexy!).  We really hope you find these useful, so without further ado please enjoy this list we've assembled for you!

Large Black Faux Leather Storage Table

This faux leather coffee table ottoman combo is reported to be flat enough to plunk things on as needed, but still comfortable and just large enough to perch on if you want to.  A plus is that if you spill coffee (or something else) on it, due to it being faux leather it's an easy cleanup!  The only thing people seemed to have to say about this is that it was perhaps a bit smaller than expected!

Simpli Home Oregon Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench

Perfect for a little bit of extra storage or to just put your feet up!  The sliding tray makes it so that you can put some decorations, drinks or anything else you might need onto this faux leather coffee table ottoman combination.  Should you decide you don't want the tray though, it easy comes off and stores inside!

H2O Lift Top Storage Coffee Table

A beautiful and functional piece for most homes!  Ample storage and with how the top lifts off and just sort of... rests.  You can set your computer on it, eat, decorate, drink... Anything you want from on top of there!  The only notable problem with this isn't the product itself so much as the shipping of it, several costumers have reported it arriving broken, so be careful of that.  But the people who got it in one piece, or after it had been replaced for a new (unbroken) one were very happy with it.

Coaster Ottoman with Open Shelf & Tufted Top Dark Brown

Pretty and functional, this piece is very sturdy.  Perfect for putting your feet up or snack-munchin' kids on the go.  No real complaints seem to be had by the costumers who bought this particular faux leather coffee table ottoman combo, aside from perhaps it being a taaad bigger than expected.  Which basically boils down to making sure you check the measurements well!

Convenience Concepts, Square Ottoman with 4 Tray Tops

With next to no "BAD" reviews, for the price this piece certainly serves its function and looks good while doing it.  It has four trays that when flipped one way, look like soft comfy cushions to rest your feet or sit on but when you turn them over they serve as a table/tray!  It's really the best of both worlds as they fit quite snugly in there, so you aren't going to jostle them around.  Plus there's storage.  What more could you ask for?

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