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Faux Leather Dog Beds

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Let's face it, faux leather dog beds are just too much fun.  Can you think of a better way to give your canine king or queen the royal treatment than to get them their own little mini sofa?  And talk about a conversation starter!  You'll have bragging rights with all your friends when you have one of these cruelty free beauties in your home.

But don't go thinking adorable dog beds are all fun and no function.  Oh no! A faux leather dog bed like one of these will get your puppy up off the floor when he sleeps and that'll keep him out of drafts and toasty warm.  The cushioning not only keeps your pet comfy but protects their joints as well.  And lastly, vegan leather is both durable and easy to clean. It needs only a damp cloth wipe down to keep it tidy most of the time.

Chesterfield Real Faux Leather Large Dog Bed

Word is this high quality dog bed looks great in an office or study.  It's fine structure makes it suitable for any room of your home.  We have been told by some folks that it's a bit taller than they thought it was based on the pictures.  So please pay attention to it's measurements closely if you have a pet with joint issues who may have trouble with a small jump.  Dogs of 25 pounds or less find this bed extremely comfortable.

Mini Sofa Leatherette Pet Bed

Folks report that this mini dog sofa is really well made, which makes sense because it has a solid wood frame.  Unfortunatly it's also smaller than they thought it would be.  However, even though they find it more like a "doggie chair" than a "sofa" they still love it and their pets do too.  Because it is totally covered in faux leather it's super easy to keep clean.  And let's face it, who isn't gonna get a kick out of a faux leather dog bed like this one?  Just remember it's for smallish dogs up to around 15 pounds.

Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed Sofa

Filled with memory foam this is the comfort king of faux leather dog beds.  One happy owner says it's comfy enough for him to fall asleep on and that it is sturdy enough to withstand his black lab jumping one and off it repeatedly.  It's covered in water repellent vegan leather so it's super easy to clean.  And as already stated it's BIG!  Big enough for a Labrador retriever or German Shepard.  Note: You will have to put this dog bed together once it arrives.

Cool Runners Faux Leather Dog Couch

We love the curved structure of this dog bed.  It really is a little doggy sofa and it looks like it should cost a lot more than it does.  Another thing we like about this is the cushion.  It's got a zipper so you can take the cover off for laundering when needed.  But the crafty girl in me sees that that means you can recover it when needed.  Cause you never know when Fido or Fifi will decide the boogie man lives inside it and needs to be broken out and destroyed.  

What?  Your little darling would never shred a pillow?  I get ya... but it's still handy in case you change your decor and you'd like the cushion to match 😉 

Brinkmann Faux Leather Sofa Bed

By far one of the most popular of the faux leather dog beds we have found to date is this puffy charmer.  It is simply LOVED by puppies and people alike.  Many folks who get one end up ordering one or two more once they see how much their dogs love it.  Maybe it's how soft it is because the dogs surely don't care that it's easy to clean or how very VERY economical it is.  To see just how much dogs love it click on thru and take a peek at all the photos of dogs wallowing happily on this baby. 

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