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Faux Leather Jackets For Juniors

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faux leather jackets for juniors CollageHere I’ve compiled some interesting and pretty faux leather jackets for juniors to help you find what you need, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed.. Fall is here and the weather shifting!  As chillier weather starts to close in on us, it’s time to start thinking about warmer clothes and cozy coats.  Autumn brought with it that back to school feeling, and the realization that your kids coat sleeves are starting to get a few inches to short!


Faux Leather Jackets For Juniors… Girls.

Urban Republic Big Girls Faux Leather Biker Trucker Motorcycle Jacket

These are for the beautiful little girls in your life.  The ones you need to keep warm, but for better or worse they’d much rather look fashionable than be cozy!  So, we have some very pretty faux leather jackets for your little fashionable sweetheart that are also bound to keep them nice and warm!

Easy to take care of and warm as they are, these are a great choice.  Simply use some cloth and perhaps some soap to wipe clean as these should not be shoved into the washing machine.  Just something to know and take into consideration if you’re wanting one of these for your kid.  And don’t worry, if your little one doesn’t like pink she has plenty of options, most of these jackets come in many alternative colors!













Faux Leather Jackets For Juniors… Boys.

Urban Republic Big Boys' Garment Dyed Faux Leather Jacket

Sending your boy back to school in the toughest little faux leather jacket, it’s both ethical and studly!  He can strut his stuff while keeping warm in these cool coats.  Easy to take care of just like the girls, just a damp cloth with some soap to wipe it down with.  You shouldn’t throw it into the washer though, that would be rather bad for this kind of jacket.

Coming in an assortment of styles and colors here, you have just as many options as the girls when it comes to faux leather jackets for juniors.  All of them as unique as your little one!


Urban Republic Big Boys Faux Leather Biker Moto Jacket with Jersey Knit HoodBoy003Boy002













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