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Sexy Faux Leather Storage Trunk Ideas

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Faux Leather Storage Chest

A faux leather storage trunk is a great addition to any home.  Whether you live in a huge Mc'Mansion or a humble dorm room there is a vegan leather trunk that's just right to add storage with style to your abode.  Convenient and stylish, they come in a full range of colors and a dizzying array of styles.  From an old fashioned dome topped steamer trunk to stackable flat trunks.  There are also some that double as furniture and look like ottomans or bench seats.  

So kick on back with a cuppa something yummy and prepare to be amazed.  Vegan style sure has come a long way from the "Hippy days" of eating tree bark and living in the back of your VW Bus. (Honestly, did anyone ever really do that?)  Today's vegan home has all the style and elegance you could want and NONE OF THE CRUELTY!

Songmics Faux Leather Collapsible Storage Ottoman

Faux Leather Storage Chests, Songmics

Talk about perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, RV's or "tiny houses" this faux leather storage trunk folds down flat when you don't need it to hide your stuff.  Ok, so maybe "hide" is not the PC thing to say about YOUR amazingly cool stuff.  You are sorting it. Storing it. Stowing it away.  But in our house... we hide the mess.  Just don't tell my Mom I said that.

This particular storage trunk comes in two different colors and has a choice of two or three inside sections.  That's good depending on what kind of stuff you intend to put inside it.  Strong enough to sit on it can easily double for a bench or foot rest.  Snug two up against each other and they work great as a coffee table/ottoman. ​

Black Faux Leather Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk

Faux Leather Storage Chest, Steamer Trunk

Style meets function in this quilted leather version of a flat topped steamer trunk.  We love this trunk because it's solid and sturdy. Made from cedar wood and covered in vegan leather it will keep your belongings safe from insects and it will stand up to anything your family can throw at it.  It also doubles perfectly as a coffee or end table.  With two sizes to choose from if this is your style you'll find one that works in your space.  And let's face it, you know stuff stored in a cedar chest smells heavenly! 

OSP Designs Faux Leather Storage Ottoman

Faux Leather Storage Chest, OSP Designs

Sleek styling defines this modern faux leather storage trunk.  Meant to be used as an ottoman it has cute little feet and comes in two colors.  Winter white, pictured above, and black.  What we especially like about this particular trunk is the hinged lid that stays up while you are rummaging around inside.

Danya B. Folding Storage Ottoman with Buttons

Faux Leather Storage Chest, Danya B.

This sturdy little chest solves the problems of storage and seating in a sleek, modern package.  You should know that it can support up to 250 pounds (as a chair) and holds 2 cubic feet of your special stuff.  It folds flat (3 inches tall) so you can easily tuck it away for times when you don't need it.

Media Storage Faux Leather Chest

Faux Leather Storage Chest, Media Storage

We take a different turn with this mini faux leather storage trunk.  Designed to tuck away your media such as CD's and remote controls it fits onto your desktop, coffee table or end table.  Lined with velvet and covered in textured vegan leather this little treasure chest could easy hold jewelry or any other precious possession you chose to tuck inside it.

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