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Frugal Vegan Living: How To Regrow Green Onions

Frugal Vegan Living - Regrowing Green Onions

Think being vegan takes big bucks? Think again!  Frugal vegan living has never been easier than it is right now and we intend to prove it to you.  Each week we're gonna shine a spotlight on how you can live a vegan lifestyle joyfully and healthfully on a seriously tight budget.

This week we're gonna show you how to endlessly add flavor to your dishes by regrowing green onions from a grocery store bought bunch.  This really is ridiculously simple and works like a charm whether you plant them in the soil after they root or not.  

We've done it both ways and had good success though I never bothered to document the process.  Sorry about that, my bad!  We'll get some going and update this post with OUR results as they become available. Until then we'll settle for telling you how to do it and you can take a peek at the video below of how this fella in Australia regrows his green onions.

Frugal Vegan Living: What You Need To Regrow Green Onions...

  • ​Bunch of green onions
  • Cup or jar
  • Water
  • Sunny window sill

Frugal Vegan Living: How To Regrow Green Onions...

  • ​Cut the greens off your onions just above the bulb.  Do NOT cut the bulb or remove the tiny roots from the bottom of the onion bulb.  (use the greens from your green onions in your recipes and store the unused portion in the fridge in plastic wrap or a baggie)
  • Place your green onion bulbs into your glass or jar.  We like to use a clear container so we can see what's going on but anything that will hold water and the onions upright as the grow will do.
  • Add 1/2 to 1 inch of water to the container.  Do not let the water completely cover the onion bulbs. Mostly you just want to keep the roots wet.
  • Put in a sunny place.
  • Change water daily to prevent rot.
  • Watch the greens grow!

And POOF, that's all there is to it.  Honest!  Once your onions start regrowing their greens you'll need to decide if you want to keep them in their water jar or plant them.  Either works but we do find they grow more vigorously if you plant them at least into a pot you can keep on your window sill though you can put them out into your garden if you like (weather permitting of course).  What you choose to do will depend a lot on how many green onions you tend to use in your cooking.

To use your green onions in your vegan recipes just use a pair of scissors and snip off the greens just above the soil​ (if harvesting the whole plant) or one stalk at a time just at the junction where they divide.  In either case, they'll continue to regrow as long as you don't let their flowers bloom (bolt).  Just pinch those off when they start forming.

NOTE: This may shock you but green onions SMELL LIKE ONIONS while they grow!  So be sure to put your regrowing green onions in a room where this aroma is acceptable to you.​

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  1. Margaret
    | Reply

    I love doing this with chives! I’ve never tried it with green onions, though. Now I’ll have to try it!

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      Hmm… never thought of trying chives. Usually have a huge clump out in the whiskey barrel though LOL. Have to give it a go and see how they fair on the windowsill. Thanks for the tip.

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