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Guess That Gadget: A Hand Peeler!

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Hand Peelers CollageWelcome to “Guess That Gadget” where we delve into the fun world of kitchen gadgets!  We’re going to kick off with something that may, at first glance, seem obvious.  The ubiquitous kitchen peeler.  Go ahead and giggle if you want to but I never used one of these babies until I was 19 and running a home of my own.

You see my Mom and Grandma’s idea of a peeler was a paring knife!  We had peelers in the house, because my Mom is a compulsive collector, but as I was only allowed in the kitchen to make such difficult dishes as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I never had the opportunity to experiment with all the cool gadgets she had until I moved out.

Swivel Peeler

Now once I got out on my own the standard swivel peeler became my BEST friend!  These little babies can peel everything with very little waste.  Yes, skinnless potatoes are possible without wasting half the darn potato!  Who knew?  And they make short work of everything from carrots to cucumbers.  Yes, even apples can be relieved of their skins in the blink of an eye.  Though I have no idea why you’d want to, but there it is.

A swivel peeler like this is one of the most used kitchen gadgets in my home.  They make cleaning veggies a snap.  And if you like raw or gently steamed vegetable ribbons this is the tool to make them.   After your vegetable is cleaned use your peeler to slice paper thin slices of carrot, cucumber etc.  Though if you need LOTS of ribbons a mandolin will make much faster work of the job.

Y Peeler

The Y peeler does the same job as the swivel peeler but the blade is horizontal to the handle instead of vertical as it is with the swivel peeler.  I don’t like using a Y peeler very much but, honestly, I think it’s just because I used a swivel peeler for years and years before I ever tried one of these.  So, for me, it feels funny in my hand and the peeling motion is clumsy.  But I’d be willing to bet that if you “grew up” using one of these you’d feel the same about the swivel peeler.

I did do a bit of research on this for ya’ll and lots of folks seem to think that “Real Chef’s” use Y peelers but I couldn’t find one single reason why it is superior that would didn’t boil down to “I like it better” LOL.  So, if you’ve never used a peeler before why not get one of each and see what you like?  They are cheap and who knows you may find you like one for some foods and the other for others.

Counter Top Peeler

Now this little gem is a modern version of the cast iron apple peeler my Great Grandma used to have mounted in her kitchen.  It’s used to peel LOTS of apples or potatoes FAST!  Of course when Great Granny was using hers there was no such thing as “instant mashed potatoes” or store bought apple sauce, so this item was considered as essential to her as a blender is to us today.

Now I wouldn’t recommend this kitchen gadget for everyone, but if you love to make skinless mashed potatoes or apple pies from scratch or just want a real conversation piece this potato peeler is for you.  Just stick your apple or potato into place, set the spring loaded blade against the food and turn the crank.  Before you know it, this old fashioned peeler will whisk the skin off in a long single strand.  How much fun is that?

So there you have it, no matter if you like a swivel peeler, a Y peeler or an old fashioned counter top potato peeler, this is one kitchen gadget you’ll definitely want to keep handy in your home.  Be sure to tell us what your favorite peeler is and why in the comments.  Don’t worry if you think my choices are totally bonkers.  Hearing what others like and don’t like is what keeps life interesting 🙂

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