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Hank Green Vegetarian Rant… Not Quite What You Think

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The first thing I thought when I saw this Hank Green vegetarian rant was "WOW! That is exactly how I felt when the rose colored glasses of carnism were ripped from my face too!" In this video Hank verbalizes the mental gymnastics and anguish I, along with many other educated, intelligent otherwise caring people go thru when we truly understand why people are vegan. We rationalize. We deny. We hide. Social conditioning truly is that powerful.

Yes folks, I am ashamed to say I fought becoming vegan.

Some people are able to make the shift from "carnism" to "vegan" in the blink of an eye. For example, Esther The Wonder Pig's daddy's did it. One day they were average meat eating folks, then they made the connection and the next they were vegan. My daughter simply "got it" too.

Honestly I do think it is much easier for younger people who have not been "socially conditioned" for as long as us old "geezers" to "go vegan". For the rest of us there is a struggle we go thru. Personally I think it's our brain trying to protect us. Because once you accept that all the things vegans say is TRUE you have to accept that you contributed to the horrors of factory farming and all the rest of it. That's a lot to take in. That's a lot of guilt. It hurts.

But being intelligent, thoughtful, caring folks we get here. We go thru our painful mental gymnastics of denial (sorry to make you watch that Briana) but then we let go of the past and embrace vegan. Once here, some of us (ok most of us) try to atone for our past by helping others find their way.

Hank, we feel for you. And I for one, know exactly where you are coming from. And I can tell you from PAINFUL personal experience that the sooner you just make the leap the sooner you'll begin to heal. The mental gymnastics you are currently practicing only drag out your own suffering. It's the "Curse of Knowledge" dude! Some things simply cannot be un-known. The sooner you accept and act accordingly. The sooner you'll be at peace with yourself.

What about the rest of you? Did you go thru a period of denial like Hank and me? We'd love to hear your thoughts or stories in the comments area below.

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  1. Cait
    | Reply

    I know this will appear in a Google search someday. And my name connected. It may hurt my chances of employment. It certainly has limited my social/dating life. But here goes. My trek on becoming vegan began with being a PR Director for a wild mustang NGO. I watched numerous videos of horse slaughter on YouTube. (Thank you YT for allowing such graphic horrors for the world to see. Many would have conveniently sold out to large financial entities’ interests. But not YT. So shout out to #YouTube. Never take freedom of information and speech for granted.) From graphic horrific videos of horse slaughter, learning the plight of wild mustangs, race horses, abused show horses, the list is long, I began to see the big picture. But I still thought eating white meat put me in the clear. That wasn’t to last. I think once you open heart and soul to knowing, the flood gates open, and you will get it. It is a horrific realization to know the depth and breadth of the cruelty to all animals, from cows to fish, and that seemingly harmless egg on your plate. Yes the guilt factor is intense. There’s a mourning, remorse, sorrow, and quite constant heartache in the heart of a vegan. Because the nightmare for billions of animals is nightly, 24-7, and a testament to the worst legacy of human beings on earth. Rather than being stewards of the earth, humankind is a relentless, arrogant, greedy, cruel, exploitative devastator of innocent, helpless, sentient beings. The truth of the matter, supported by 97% of the world’s scientists, is a great inconvenience to many. But it only takes one vegan to have a huge impact on this ugly planetary industrial machine. Each vegan is part of the solution. It is difficult to explain the importance of a clear conscience and give this reality of a Vegan’s humanity its full appreciation deserved on a public blog. But suffice it to say, for a vegan it is a moral choice. It is the only choice.

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