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Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary is doing great work taking in animals from all over Ohio and keeping them safe until they can find their forever happy home.  They take in farm animals from cases of abuse and neglect and get them healthy and happy.  

Occasionally they'll find an animal that isn't able to be adopted out for various reasons, health or otherwise.  They have a few of these sweet babies who have become ambassadors for their sanctuary, going out and educating people.  

One of their special programs is the the "Happy Trails Amish Horse Retirement Program", when for whatever reason an Amish horse might need a new home, being old, having different health issues, they will take them in.  Here's an excerpt from their Mission Statement on about the program.

"The Happy Trails Amish Horse Retirement Program, an extended part of our original rescue program, accepts Amish-owned buggy and plow horses that can no longer serve their Amish families. The acceptance criteria is that the horse is surrendered directly from its Amish owner, and that it is donated to the Amish Horse Retirement Program. These horses are then given an overall health and wellness medical examination, updated with vaccinations and a consistent worming schedule, have their hooves trimmed, and are made available for adoption."

If you'd like to learn more about Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary head on over to their website here!

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