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  1. Kitchen Shaman
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    Yup! I always get the apologies too…”well, I’m sorry, but I still eat meat.” I’m not the damn food police, I’m a vegan, and a chef! I also get “I used to be vegan, but…” So much fun when we say “I’m Vegan!”

    • Vegan Banana
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      Yes, that all sucks… BUT have you been stranded on a deserted island lately?! In all seriousness though, it really does suck. It’s quite annoying at times, and always feels like the biggest victory when they just say “I’m Vegan!”.

  2. Mary Carroll
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    I keep getting this response a lot: “Oh, here we go…” LOL!

  3. Barta Anett
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    Meat eaters always want to hurt vegans, like someone asked me some day: does your friend eat meat ? I said: yes. she was like:thank heaven ! (she knew i was vegan)…it was rude, wasn’t it ? But I hope she only said that because she is not educated enough…should I push veganism if someone is that sardonic ? I feel I don’t..

  4. Vegan Banana
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    Right? Vegans get the bad rap but it’s usually the omni’s who are ill-mannered and they can get away with it because, for now, they are in the majority. We have had similar experiences, probably most vegans have. How we deal with it depends on the situation. Who it is, where we are etc.

    We don’t think anyone should feel obligated to “push” veganism. Honestly, sometimes the best form of activism is being a shining example of good manners and showing off your cruelty free lifestyle by actively living and ENJOYING it! By all means, say something if you think someone is open to hearing you (and sometimes folks say or act in a rude manner out of awkwardness in not knowing how to broach the subject) but never feel obligated to justify yourself.

  5. Ray
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    Get a lot of sorry you can’t eat this, how can you go without eating that and occasionally my son refers to me as a vegan nazi. My reply to each is usually I eat what I choose to eat, want for nothing and haven’t judged what’s on your plate but I will if you want me to!

  6. Joe Vegan
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    I sometimes say…
    Your body is your temple…do you want your temple to be a graveyard? 🙂

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