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How To Chop An Apple By Hand

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How To chop An Apple By HandWanna know how to chop an apple into little cubes by hand?  I know when you are first learning to cook dicing round things like apples into uniform chunks can be challenging.  But don’t worry, we’ll have you slicing and dicing apples like a pro in no time flat!  Let’s get started.

How To chop An Apple By Hand

Get out your cutting board (we like the flexible ones) to protect your counter.  Starting at the top of your apple where the stem grows out slice down thru the apple with your paring knife cutting it in half.

Pinch the apple together and turn it a quarter turn and repeat.  This cuts your apple in to quarters or four pieces.  If you don’t want to hold the apple halves together you can cut each half in two separately.

Slice the core off each apple quarter.

Slice each apple quarter lengthwise into 3-4 slices.  If you want apple slices you are done.  If you want diced apple or your apple cut up into little cubes keep them bunched together as if the apple had not been cut and continue.

Rotate the sliced apple a quarter turn and cut down across the slices.  Repeat with your remaining apple quarters.

Poof!  You have just diced your first apple.  Easy, wasn’t it?

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