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How To Chop Walnuts By Hand

How To Chop Walnuts By Hand CollageToday I’ve got a quick tip on how to chop walnuts by hand for you.  Yes, I’m sure you know how to dump a bag of shelled walnuts into your blender and pulse them a time or two.  But if you’re like me, as soon as you do that to your ten dollar bag of walnuts you’ll need whole ones for a recipe.  Am I right?

So I tend to chop them as needed.  And it used to be quite a chore.  You’ll laugh but I’d have walnuts zinging across the kitchen as I tried to chop them up until a good friend of mine (who DID LAUGH) turned me onto this trick…

Put a small amount of walnuts into a sturdy plastic bag.  A zipper freezer bag or even the bag the walnuts came in works well.  Press the air out and seal.  It’s important to get as much air out as you can.

Grab a glass jar, like a jelly jar or a sealed can of veggies and roll it across the nuts sealed in the bag.  Roll and tap until the nuts are the size you need.  Poof Done!

Heck, you could even get crazy and use your rolling pin if you wanted to.  But this method works well and you always have a jar or can handy and not always a rolling pin.  I don’t take mine camping.  Do you?

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