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Vegan Cooking 101: How To Cook Beans

Vegan Cooking - How To Cook Beans

Learning how to cook beans is one of the best things a new vegan can do for themselves and their family.  It's hard to say enough good things about beans.  They are delicious, good for you and a super inexpensive source of excellent protein that even your mother can't deny.  (Seriously, if your mom is like mine, she simply will not believe there is protein in veggies like broccoli!  All evidence to the contrary)

You may be wondering why you need to learn how to cook beans when you can get so many varieties already cooked in cans?

Canned beans are an excellent vegan convenience food.  We always keep a few cans of an assorted variety of them in our pantry.  But canned beans are VERY EXPENSIVE when compared to dry beans and they contain a LOT of SALT!  So if being a frugal vegan is important to you or you want to control/reduce the amount of salt in your diet, dried beans are the way to go.

​Usually we only include one video in our vegan cooking posts and the first one on how to cook beans on the stove is really all you need to make really great beans each and every time.  But if you really get into either frugal vegan cooking or just want to cook in bulk so you can freeze your own "heat'n eat" vegan food for later in the week/month learning to use a pressure cooker (it's not hard or scary) will make that a LOT FASTER!  And the first video doesn't talk about using a pressure cooker at all.

​And to be honest... we just fell in love with Helen Rennie!

How To Cook Beans Like A Pro...

  1. Pour your dry beans into a bowl.  Cover with water and soak 2-6 hours (overnight or while you are at work is fine) 
  2. Place soaked beans into a pot.  Add water to pot so beans are covered by two inches of water.  Bring to a hard boil for 10 minutes then reduce heat and simmer for approximately 1 hour it should never take more than 2 hours if your beans are fresh.  

    NOTE: If you want to cook your beans in their soaking water (which does keep more flavors and nutrients in your broth) DO NOT use the 3% salt soak that Helen Rennie suggests.  Your bean skins may split and come off but that's just too much salt to eat.  If you use her method for pretty beans always discard the soak water and RINSE your beans before cooking.
  3. Now you can serve or cool and store your beans because that is all there is to cooking beans.

To store your beans in the fridge, after they are cool, place them in a zipper type baggie or covered container.  They'll keep for a week or so this way.  

There are two ways to store your beans in the freezer and how you do it depends on how you plan to use your beans.  

  1. If you want to eat them later "as is" just pop them into single serving containers (liquid and all) and freeze.  
  2. If you plant to sprinkle them on salads or use them in other dishes you'll want to strain off the cooking liquid before placing the beans in a zipper type baggie​.  Freezing them flat makes it simple to "break off" the amount of beans you need without thawing the whole bag. NOTE: Be sure to save your "bean broth" for use in soups and other recipes. Just be sure to freeze it separately from the beans themselves as already stated.

That doesn't sound too hard does it?  But don't forget to watch the videos too, it's always easier to remember how to do things when you've read it AND watched someone do it.  Now you can amaze your family and friends with your vegan cooking skills.  Treat them and yourself to some of the yummiest, healthy, nutritious vegan recipes at a fraction of the cost because you learned how to cook beans from scratch!

How To Cook Beans On The Stove...

How To Cook Beans In A Pressure Cooker...

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