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Vegan Cooking 101… How To Cook Grains In The Microwave

How To Cook Grains In The Microwave

Something new vegans ask way more often than you might imagine is "How to cook grains in the microwave"? At first this question really surprised me. Having learned to cook in the days before microwave popcorn was a thing (yes, I know this dates me lol) it never occurred to me to want to cook grains anywhere but on the stove!

​But, when you consider the fact that most new vegans have grown up in a world where food is prepared by others and simply heated (in the microwave usually) in the home at meal time. Then this question takes on a new significance.

​It makes me understand the true magnitude of the task before new vegans today. Not only are they changing the type of foods they eat but they have to LEARN HOW TO COOK as well! Truly, younger people may have an easier time making the mental leap to veganism but us old geezers have a huge advantage once we finally wrap our minds around it and get on board. We already know how to cook 🙂

​We're making this "Vegan Cooking" series here on Vegan Banana with these new vegan cooks in mind. It's our hope that they will help make their vegan journey easier and healthier. Because when you understand how to cook your own food from scratch you are not stuck relying on processed foods which are always more expensive and less healthy options.

How To Cook Grains In The Microwave... Oatmeal

​Back To How To Cook Grains In The Microwave...

​Usually what folks really want to know is how to cook rice or non-instant old fashioned oatmeal (which everyone knows is tastier and more nutritious) in the microwave. Because, let's face it, if they are experienced enough cooks to know about quinoa, wheat berries or oat groats they probably already know how to cook well enough to figure it out for themselves.

​Neither grains are difficult to cook in a microwave. Though I feel that cooking larger batches of rice is best done on the stove.  The trick is knowing the ratio of water to grain and using a bowl that is deep enough to avoid bubble over. Let's start with old fashioned oats then move onto rice.

​How To Cook Grains In The Microwave... Oats

​What you need...

  • ​1/2 to 1 cup of Old Fashioned Oats
  • 1-2 cups water or vegan milk of your choice.
  • Any additions or toppings you enjoy.

Scoop oats into a DEEP bowl.

Pour in your cooking liquid

Now the amount of cooking liquid will depend on how firm you prefer your oats. I like mine rather chewy so I use a "one to one" ratio of water to oats. Then I top them with almond milk after cooking. Experiment with how much cooking​ liquid you need for your perfect oats.

​Microwave on HIGH for about 3 minutes.

You don't need to cover while cooking as they do not explode but if you're concerned just pop a paper plate on top of the bowl.

​Stir in maple syrup, additional milk, fruit, nuts or whatever you love in your oats and enjoy!

Here we've got a video to show you how easy it is to cook oats in the microwave... 

​How To Cook Grains In The Microwave... Rice

​What you need...

  • ​1 cup of rice
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 deep bowls of equal size OR microwave rice cooker (optional)
  • Salt (optional)

Scoop rice into your bowl.

​Pour in water.

​Cover with second bowl and place into your microwave. Cook on HIGH for 19-20 minutes. (Be VERY CAREFUL when removing bowls from oven as they will be HOT!)

​Let set covered for 2 minutes

​Fluff rice with a fork.

​Your rice is now ready to be used in whatever recipe you have in mind or topped with soy sauce OR milk and sugar and eaten as is! Enjoy!

In this first video you will see how to cook rice in a microwave with two bowls.
In this video you'll see how to cook rice in a microwave with an inexpensive microwave rice cooker...

​As always, we welcome and encourage your feedback. Do you have a special trick for how to cook grains in the microwave? Be a hero to our readers and share your tips, tricks, recipes and suggestions in the comments below!

Learning How To Cook Grains In The Microwave Might Be Easier With One Of These...

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