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Vegan On A Budget: How To Grow Sprouts

How To Grow Sprouts: A Vegan On A Budget Tip

OMG learning how to grow sprouts is one of the easiest and best things you can do for yourself and your family.   Not only are they easy to grow, they are just packed with nutrition.  And if being vegan on a budget is important to you then you are in luck.  Because food just doesn't get any cheaper than when you grow sprouts for yourself.

In this post we are going to do something a little different than usual because while I was looking for a cool video to share with you guys I stumbled upon an embarrassment or riches.  Now, don't get me wrong, there was LOTS of dreck to dredge thru (as always on Youtube) but not only did I find a cool video of someone growing sprouts the same way we do it BUT... 

We Found 3 Great Videos Showing You How To Grow Sprouts!​

And the fourth video is amazing for a totally different reason.  You'll see once you get down there.  It's worth the wait, we promise!

Just so ya'll know, until now we have always used the mason jar method of growing sprouts.  We have the mason jar sprouting kit shown down below and we LOVE IT!  But we are so intrigued by these other methods we've decided we just have to give them a try too.  Especially the paper towel method!

We don't mind telling you it always astonishes us how much we learn by putting these instructions together for you guys.  Not to sound conceited or anything, but after sprouting for YEARS we figured there wasn't much we could learn on this particular topic.  BOY WERE WE WRONG!  ​

​Honestly, there's not much involved in growing sprouts.  You get them wet, you keep them wet but not soggy and they grow.  Give them some sun, they turn green. Rinse off the hulls and eat.  But as in many simple things, the devil is in the details.  We are confident you'll enjoy these videos on how to grow sprouts and will find at least one method to fall in love with.

How To Grow Sprouts With Paper Towels...​

Here you are going to see sprouting at it's most basic.  The tools this fellow uses can all be obtained at the dollar store.  Now this method takes up a bit more space on your counter than other methods.  It also isn't the "prettiest" method BUT it is very effective.  And you don't get any more "Vegan On A Budget" than this method for growing sprouts!

How To Grow Sprouts With A Stackable Sprouting System...

This next method is the most high tech of the bunch.  The sprouting trays he is using were all the rage a few years ago and they do work rather well.  The thing we don't care for is how opaque they are.  It's nicer to have a more transparent tray like the ones we share with you down below.  But if you like the green color of these (it is a lovely green) you can find them right here.

How To Grow Sprouts In Mason Jars...

Ok, this is more or less the way we have always grown our sprouts.  With the exception of how she rinses off the hulls.  If you get the sprout topper set they come with different size holes in the top.  This lets you switch to lids with larger openings so you can rinse most of the hulls off and out of the jar during your daily rinsing/wetting of the growing sprouts.

Watch Your Sprouts Grow...

Ok, while we appreciate the ingenuity of making your own sprouting toppers the way this lady does we are not sure how good it is to have your food pressing against that kind of screen.  Perhaps one of you knows if this is dangerous and could share in the comments below so we'll all know if it is Okay to do.  But if you do nothing else be sure to HOP FORWARD TO THE 2 MINUTE MARK and watch the creepy coolness that follows! 

You're Gonna Love These Sprouting Supplies!

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