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How To Make Flax Meal Like A Pro!

How To Make Flaxmeal

Don't you wish you knew how to make flax meal for yourself? Luckily it's super simple to do and once you know how you will insure your flax meal is always fresh and as full of vitamins, minerals and omega 3's as possible. This is important because flax meal can go rancid fairly quickly if it's not stored properly. And rancid oils lose their vitamins and can develop toxic compounds.

Like I already said, making your own flax meal is easy peasy IF you have the right tools. Now you CAN do it the old fashioned way and use a mortar & pestle. Seriously though, having done this a few times myself I don't recommend you process your flax seeds this way on a regular basis. Not that it doesn't work, it does and can be a lot of fun with your kids on occasion, but it takes a LOT of effort to get the job done right with any quantity of flax seeds.

What you really need to get the job done on a day to day basis is a coffee grinder, spice grinder or my personal favorite… a Nutribullet. If you opt to use a coffee/spice grinder be sure NOT to use it for coffee or spices. Reserve it exclusively for your flax seeds. If you don't you'll find your flax meal takes on the flavor of the other things you've been grinding in it. I don't know about you but I don't want my flax eggs or cupcakes to taste like coffee unless I WANT them too.

How To Make Flax Meal?

Ok, so the first thing to know is that your flax seeds are going to fluff up when you grind them into meal. We find that they pretty much double in volume. But you're going to want to be working in small batches anyway so it shouldn't be a problem or anything.

Put 3-6 tablespoons of flax seeds into your Nutribullet's small container. Screw on your milling blade attachment. Process for 30-50 seconds. POOF! You have just made flax meal.

Pro Tip: If you don't have enough flax seeds in your container they won't "cycle" and it'll be harder to get them well ground. If this happens to you either occasionally stop and shake the container before grinding more OR add more flax seeds to the container and continue processing. FYI we always do the latter.

Use immediately and be sure to store any extra in an air tight container placed an a cool dark place. Your fridge or freezer works perfectly!

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