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How To Regrow Lettuce: A Vegan On A Budget Tip

How To Regrow Lettuce: Vegan On A Budget

Learning how to regrow lettuce is a really good skill to have if you want to be vegan on a budget. This helps keep green leafies in your diet even if you have the tiniest of budgets or a really small space.

When I first heard of doing this I was a tad skeptical that you'd get anything useful from the plants. But it did remind me of the carrot tops I used to regrow and keep as ferns as a kid so I thought why not give it a try.

Turns out that it is super simple to regrow romaine lettuce that you buy from the store. And, if you harvest it properly, it will regenerate 4-6 times for you. Now that’s what I call being "Vegan On A Budget"!

How To Regrow Lettuce...

We are going to explain how to regrow romaine lettuce here. You should know that this process will work for other varieties of green leafy vegetables, such as Nappa cabbage, as well.

  • Cut the leaves off your head of romaine lettuce about 2 inches above the base.
  • Place the base, root side down, in a shallow pan or bowl of water. Keep the base of the plant wet at all times. Do not cover the whole plant and do not let it fall over.
  • Place in a sunny spot and refill pan with water as needed.

Honestly, that is all there is to regrowing lettuce like romaine. It's just as easy as it is to regrow green onions, really.  As time goes by you may want to remove the snipped off outer leaves of the original lettuce head. These can get a little yucky. But don't do it all at once and don't mess with them until the new shoots are established.

​In about four weeks your lettuce plants should be ready for harvest. If you plan to keep your plant going do not cut all the leaves off when you harvest. Instead, starting at the base, snip the outer leaves off the plant leaving the center 3-4 leaves on the plant. This will make regrowth quicker and you should be able to harvest again in about two weeks.

​Wanna see how to regrow lettuce in "real time"? Check out this time laps video of regrowing romaine!

If you've tried this for yourself we'd love to hear about your experience with regrowing lettuce.  (Or even see it if you made a video.)  Please tell us all about it in the comments below!

​We hope you've enjoyed this vegan on a budget tip and will check back soon when we're going to share with you more ideas on how to grow an indoor salad garden. Because learning how to regrow lettuce isn't the only way you can stretch your food budget.

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  1. Jayne
    | Reply

    That was great my sistet in law does the same thing too

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      It’s fun to see how many folks do this. We’d never even thought about it before we did the research for the post. But once it went live all our folks on social media started coming out of the woodwork telling us how they or someone they know does this! Vegans are such smart folks 🙂

  2. Jayne
    | Reply

    I really like this it has good information

    • Vegan Banana
      | Reply

      Thanks Jayne! We appreciate you letting us know that. We were going to post a collage of our latest experiment on a head of romaine but we couldn’t because (and I am not making this up) our cat ATE IT! I’m just glad it wasn’t an assignment from Professor Snape or we’d seriously be in detention for the rest of our lives 🙁

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