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Vegan Cooking 101: How To Saute

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How To Saute... Vegan Cooking  101

Learning how to saute is an essential skill for any vegan cook because it marries the flavors of your foods together.  You can make a whole meal just by sauteing foods either solo or in mixtures like the onion, celery and mushrooms pictured above.  If you don't saute your onions and veggies when you are making more "complicated" vegan recipes (like soups, stews or sauces) your finished dish will have a sharper, harsher or "off" taste.

To be honest when I was a new cook I would often skip this step and was always wondering why my dishes didn't taste like those my mother would make even though I followed her ingredient measurements to the letter.  I was just in too much of a hurry to properly saute the foods before adding them to things like our mushroom spaghetti sauce.

If you are a new vegan cook and really want to impress your friends don't skip this step.  Learn to saute and DO IT regularly.  You'll be shocked at all the cool dishes you can come up with just by changing up what goes into your saute skillet!  So, without further ado let's learn how it's done.​

How To Saute...

  • ​Evenly chop your veggies.  This insures all the individual pieces cook evenly.
  • Heat your skillet until it is VERY HOT.
  • Add oil to your skillet & heat briefly.  Use an oil that has a high smoke point like grapeseed oil.
  • Place your veggies into the hot oil. Do not overload the skillet.  You want your veggies to all lay flat on the bottom of the skillet at the same time.  Also, be careful not to splash any oil onto yourself. OUCH!
  • Cook your veggies until tender or "translucent" while stirring constantly so they don't brown.  As you gain experience you'll learn that some veggies take longer to cook so you'll have to add them to the skillet in stages as in the image above.  The onions and celery are nearly translucent while the mushrooms have only just been added to the skillet.
  • Pour out onto serving plate or into what ever recipe you are cooking them for.

Check out the following videos that show you how to saute veggies.  If you learn how to FLIP your veggies in the skillet like the professional chef does we want to see you do it!  So please post a video of yourself in action.  And don't forget to tell everyone you learned it all from us! 😉 

Here's How To Saute Like A Pro...

Here's How To Saute The Way The Rest Of Us Do It...

If you're like me and really like to understand the SCIENCE behind ​the how's and why's of things, you'll find this article on the why you need to saute very informative.

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