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Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

As I was surfing around the Vegan Zombie's (totally should go check them out if you haven't already) youtube channel, I stumbled across one of their sanctuary videos I hadn't seen yet!  Indraloka Animal Sanctuary!  Talk about a beautiful place full of kind hearted people.

​The people at Indraloka are of the belief that they should be open and welcome to anything and make life possible for all things, right down to the bees and butterflies!  They don't mow their grass, instead letting it grow so that the wildlife has a place to stay too.

Wild geese have chosen to go there and stay, swimming and hanging out.  Meanwhile, they've rescued pigs, horses, cows, sheep, even a peacock.  They all have a safe home at Indraloka.

If you want to help them out or learn even more after watching this video, go ahead and stop on by their website, Indraloka.org!  

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