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Meet Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!

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Hi there, welcome to another Sanctuary Sunday!  Today, I want you guys to meet the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, they do fabulous work out in New York State.  I'd heard about them a while ago and all the good things they do, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to dive in and learn about them in earnest.  Let me just say we were "Blown Away" by the work that they do!  As we hit play on about the 20th video they've got posted on Youtube, we thought perhaps we should feature them for our Sanctuary Sunday's this month (yes, their work is THAT COMPELLING or else we're just OCD you'll have to decide)  And so that's just want we're doing, here's an (almost) quick overview to wet your appetite for what we've got in store for you this month.

Who Is Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary?

Woodstock has a duo of amazing power and passion for it's founders.  They are Jenny Brown and Doug Abel!  These two are serious powerhouses not only in sanctuary circles but in the film industry, too.  Doug is a Film Editor who has worked on such bad-ass projects as "The Fog Of War" and "30 Rock" (which is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time).  Jenny has worked in the television industry too as a producer, director and post-production supervisor.  Among other things she has worked for both ABC and PBS on projects for Nova and Frontline.  

What's So Special About Woodstock?

​Everything they do, in short!  These guys are AMAZING! They find a way to take in animals with issues and challenges that most people would find hopeless or impossible to deal with.  They have the will, the heart and probably most importantly the support and funds that some smaller sanctuaries don't.  This allows them to take in special cases like this amputee goat, Albie. He was found wandering around Brooklyn (of all places) with a very infected leg.

Woodstock Sanctuary is also a great place to learn about farm animal rescue and running a sanctuary first hand.  You can do this thru both their residency program or one of their amazing volunteer and internship options.  We'll cover these options in more detail later this month.  In the mean time you can head right to the source and check out the "Join" tab on the Woodstock Homepage for more on this.

Where ARE They?

You will find Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary up in the town of High Falls in New York State.  They used to be closer to the historic Woodstock, as per the name, but they needed a larger location so a move was required!  So, now they are in High Falls with a much larger location.  Which is wonderful because it means that they can rescue and house even more of our animal friends.

How'd They Become What They Are Today?

It all comes back to the founders, doesn't it?  Jenny is the real culprit behind Woodstock, she had been an animal rights activist since the age of 18, and would volunteer her time to capture video of animal abuse on farms.  She continued to do this between jobs until after her last bit of undercover work at a stockyard in Texas, she decided her film career was less important and dedicated her life to helping farm animals.  So she quit and took a job at a farm sanctuary so she could learn the in's and outs of running one of her own.  The knowledge she gained from helping others gave Doug and her the knowledge and confidence to start up a sanctuary of their own... Woodstock!

How You Can Help!

There are SO many ways to help them out!  And all in different ways, too.  You can volunteer your time, make a one time cash gift, set up a farm membership, sponsor a specific animal, internships and in-residency programs.  All of it is a help to them.  And don't forget, they help you in return!  At the time we are writing this there are no paid jobs posted on their site, but you can check here to see if that has changed.

They are always looking for volunteers, so if you are in the area and can donate at least 3 hours of your time, that'd be greatly appreciated!  And of course there is never enough cash to help all the animals any sanctuary is trying to help so donating what ever you can spare will be a help. 

Now, you can do a one time donation of however much you can give (never underestimate the power of those $5 donations!), or you can sign up for their Membership program for $30 for an individual or $50 for a family membership. There are a million cool perks to having a membership, and you can see them here.

By now I'm sure you see how much good these folks do and you're as jazzed about Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary as we are.  We encourage you to check them out for yourself and keep your eyes peeled each Sunday this month as we bring you more detailed information about their success stories and how you can get involved.

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