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Mellow Mushroom, A Vegan Review!

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Mellow Mushroom Review CollageRecently we found out that the Mellow Mushroom has Vegan options.  Perhaps it shouldn’t have been such a huge surprise, but nonetheless I was surprised and excited.  Lately I’ve been working to get out more and experience more things, which means finding new places to go and eat.  Hang out, have fun!

So, unsurprisingly my partner and I set out for the Mellow Mushroom and when we got there we were just planning on takeout.  So we went to the front desk and they pointed us back to the bar where they would take our order.

Jeff Gunn Vegan Calzone Mellow Mushroom
Courtesy of Jeff Gunn on Flickr

After investigating the menu thoroughly we ordered the pizza and took a seat while they went back an made it.  I took the chance to plunk myself in a seat and peer around a bit.  The place was nice, it had a very eccentric feel to it and was pretty open.

We waited for about 15-20 minutes, pretty quick considering there were a fair amount of people there.  We had ordered a vegan pizza, meaning the crust didn’t have any parm or butter on it, Daiya vegan cheese and veggie toppings!  We got mushrooms, avocado, broccoli, and spinach as our toppings.  I’d never had avocado on pizza before, and I have to say that it was VERY good!

We brought it home and munched happily throughout the day.  I’d not had a daiya cheese pizza before, so for those in the boat with me… The cheese was rather creamy rather than chewy, the texture was a tad different but quite honestly it was just as good as a pizza with dairy cheese on it.  I mention it because it was a bit surprising to me, so I figured it’d be good for others to know as well!

Next trip down that way, we stopped and nabbed it again.  Only this time we tried their Calzones.  They were quite good!  And massive.  Did I mention they were massive?  I got tofu and spinach and daiya cheese, some pesto and Portobello mushroom bits… Mmm.

They were quite yummy, the daiya worked really well in the calzone.  I will say, I found that tofu the way they did it didn’t really do it for me, it was cubed but the overall texture reminded me of egg.  I didn’t even like eggs before I went vegan, so that wasn’t really for me.

I can see how others would like it though!

All in all, this place is really good and I’d recommend it to any vegan looking for some good pizza.

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