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Mino Valley Sanctuary Is Doing A Vlog A Day!

I'd never encountered these guys before, but Mino Valley Sanctuary is truly amazing!  They are out in Spain, so for all of you guys in Europe here's someplace to consider visiting or at least supporting.  Mino Valley Sanctuary has officially committed to doing a vlog a day for a whole entire year. 

​They are currently on around their 140th vlog, and going strong.  One of the reasons I decided to feature these guys is because they are going to the effort to show some of the daily ups and downs of running a farm sanctuary.  Through the fun times and the hardships we're getting to know them and the animals there, which is oftentimes a pleasant reminder of why we're vegan.

Sometimes it's a harsh reminder.  

Through it all though, Mino Valley Sanctuary is staying strong and moving on to do good things. The video below is one of their early vlogs, it's a little longer than others but it's worth the time to hear Luna's story and how she ended up at the sanctuary.

We've been so inspired by the heroic and amazing Vloging they are doing we're SERIOUSLY thinking of doing some sort of "video thingie" ourselves.  Let us know if you think this is something ya'll think is a good idea or a colossal blunder!

Anyhoo, if you want to learn more about Mino Valley Sanctuary you can go here to their website.  And let me tell you, it is a BEAUTIFUL one.  We don't know who they have building it for them but KUDOS to them.  Job WELL DONE!  And they are really active here for their instagram too!  They've got even more cool videos for you to enjoy here than on Youtube!

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