My Vegan Story

Welcome to "My Vegan Story!"

Here you'll explore the incredible, inspirational and sometimes tough stories of vegans from around the world. We offer this as an opportunity to get to know vegans from all walks of life, many cultures and with as many different reasons for "going vegan" as there are stories on the page.

​After chatting informally with hundreds if not thousands of vegans across the globe one thing really struck us. No matter how "vegan friendly" it is in your neck of the woods, it's still way too easy for vegans to feel isolated and alone. Way too many of you feel like you are having to "go it alone".

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​We offer "My Vegan Story" as an opportunity for each of you to connect with, to gain inspiration and support from the vegan community no matter how isolated your geography and no matter how shy or hesitant you are to "meet up" with other vegans. You need to know... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!