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My Vegan Story: RagingDaffodil aka. Briana Begarowicz

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My Vegan Story: RagingDaffodil

Hi guys, RagingDaffodil here.  You probably know me as one of the two tree huggers, animal lovers and fashionistas responsible for the Vegan Banana.  My vegan story starts pretty early, I'd always loved animals.  I mean, really and truly loved them to the very core of my being as a kid.  When I was really small I'd call myself a "Cheetah Girl" way before they were a thing on Disney, mom and I would joke that they'd stolen my super hero name.  

I'd always run around the house with carrots in one hand and a pickle in the other.​

​As I got older, around the ages of 9-10 I started to question my food a bit more.  I registered what it was on a base level, but the reality hadn't set in yet.  My dads side of the family were and currently are the ultimate "BAAAACON!" people while my mothers side were the quiet type who go about mispronouncing vegan as "vaygun" no matter how many times you correct them, so to say the least my understanding and probing into my food was a little bit stunted.

Things got really interesting for me when I hit about 12, I had my first major episode, a serious panic attack that resulted in me hiding in the bathroom trying to figure out why I couldn't breath or make all of the thoughts that were swirling in my head disappear.  And with it came my first experience with depression that lasted easily for the next year, and I continue to feel the negative and positive effects that it has reaped on my life.

One of the positives that came out of all the panic attacks and angsty tween depression was an absolute awareness that we humans aren't the only creatures to feel pain or to die.​

My Vegan Story: RagingDaffodil & ShellyB Working

We also certainly weren't the only creatures that felt pain or sadness.  Happiness.  Emotions in general.  It was something I'd always understood and believed on a theoretical level but until that moment the cultural disconnect when it came to my food had remained.​

Now, this all sounds silly.  And sure, I understood that everything dies eventually, I missed the pets I'd lost previously. I felt bad for them that they'd passed.  But, that was so much more quantifiable than the bacon on your plate.  

Yet, it suddenly hit me that they were all real beings who much like me or my dog and cat, breathed, lived, loved.  And, I was pretty sure that the cows, pigs, and chickens didn't want to die anymore than I did.  I immediately begged my mom to let me go vegetarian, as I had no real understanding that Veganism existed yet.

​I didn't need to see how the animals in the industry were treated to understand that what was happening was wrong. I wish I could say that was it and I went vegetarian/vegan then and there, but it was a bit more complicated than that for a kid of that age.  Mom (ShellyB) had no real clue about vegetarian nutrition, and had naturally been taught that we NEEDED animal products to get all the nutrition we needed.  She also had other things on her mind, like trying to get me through each day without me having more than one nervous breakdown.

As time wore on, I widdled and weedled her (now we run the Vegan Banana, ha!) and while we didn't cut meat out of our diets immediately, we certainly cut down! We continued on this way for a while.  And through a series of events ranging from health problems that mom was developing to watching her own father need to have his arteries surgically UNCLOGGED mom felt the need to dive deep and do a TON of research on nutrition and health.

What finally did the trick and convinced her that we NEEDED TO BE VEGAN was us watching two documentaries.  Forks Over Knives got the ball rolling and Vegucated sealed the deal.  The day we watched that I had her convinced that veganism was the only way for us to live and be at peace with ourselves.  

After all that it wasn't hard to let go of the little meat we were still consuming at that time.  We both finally made the concerted effort change our ways and go Vegan.  That's my story.  

Love you guys,
Briana, AKA RagingDaffodil (my new superhero name!)

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